SFU President Andrew Petter and University of Glasgow Senior Vice Principal Neal Juster sign a student exchange agreement in Glasgow.


SFU and University of Glasgow to offer student exchanges

August 18, 2014

An agreement between Simon Fraser University and the University of Glasgow (UoG) will pave the way for future student exchanges between the two institutions.

SFU President Andrew Petter and UoG Senior Vice Principal Neal Juster signed the agreement in Scotland last week.

“SFU is committed to enabling its students to engage the world,” said Petter. “This agreement is especially significant. Simon Fraser has always had a strong association with Scotland and Scottish traditions, and we are thrilled that SFU students will be able to pursue their studies at UofG, one of the world’s oldest and leading research universities.”

The UoG said in a statement that while a common love of Scottish culture has been a link tying the two institutions, those ties have been “knotted yet further” with the student exchange agreement.

Prof. Juster said the agreement offers new opportunities for student mobility on both sides of the Atlantic, and would “enhance the opportunities for our students to go to a world-renowned university overseas,” he added.

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and third largest in the UK, which is a popular exchange destination for SFU students. The universities share academic strengths in a range of fields, including the humanities, the creative arts, languages and sciences.

The agreement follows numerous collaborations between the institutions. As recently as July, SFU participated with the UoG at the 2014 World Congress of Scottish Literatures in Glasgow. The congress was attended by Leith Davis, director of SFU’s Centre for Scottish Studies, who has over the years been closely involved with UoG’s Centre for Robert Burns Studies.

SFU faculty members Gail Anderson, John Clague and Eugene McCann have also collaborated with colleagues at UoG while physicist Howard Trottier was a visiting fellow and Kirsten McAllister spent time at UoG as an honorary research fellow.

The signing took place just days before the Aug. 16 World Pipe Band Championships, where SFU’s six-time world champion Grade 1 band, and its junior Grade 4 band, competed for world titles, finishing seventh and fifth respectively.

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