SFU furthers collaboration with India Oil

October 14, 2014

Simon Fraser University President Andrew Petter, who is visiting New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai as part of the B.C. Premier’s Mission to India Oct. 13-18, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India’s flagship oil company, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) Ltd.

The MOU furthers a collaboration announced earlier this year to partner on hydrogen and fuel cell research, with a focus on clean energy technology and advanced materials.

“SFU is internationally recognized for its expertise in hydrogen and other clean energy technologies, and we are excited about the collaborative initiatives we are developing with Indian Oil,” says Petter. “This partnership will facilitate exchanges that allow SFU faculty and students to conduct research in IOC’s world-class R&D facilities, while providing IOC researchers opportunities to work at SFU, furthering the field globally.”

In January 2015, two Indian nationals will undertake post-graduate studies at SFU as part of the partnership’s new PhD agreement—an opportunity that attracted nearly 100 eligible applicants.

Under the arrangement, Indian Oil is providing a fellowship towards the SFU PhD program, allowing Indian citizens to spend one year at SFU and a further three years at Indian Oil’s R&D Centre. SFU will provide a stipend and tuition award during the year at SFU.

“This program will expose students to expertise, techniques and technologies that broaden their research perspectives," said SFU Vice President Research Joy Johnson, who accompanied Petter to India along with Nimal Rajapakse, dean of applied sciences.

"In turn," she says, "it will enrich the overall research capacity of both Indian Oil and SFU while also building relationships to stimulate innovation."

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