SFU health sciences professor Kelley Lee's work calls for more astute collective health governance in an increasingly globalized world where diseases (and disease-causing industries) jump borders with relative ease.


Fifty years of research and innovation at SFU: exporting sickness

November 04, 2016

Recent outbreaks such as the Ebola virus, Zika, avian influenza, SARS, HIV and AIDS have shown how diseases and viruses readily cross national borders, reminding us of the need to see health from a global perspective.  

SFU health sciences professor Kelley Lee is an expert on global health and is dedicated to building better institutions that can support collective action to meet these health risks. Lee is a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Global Health Governance. 

“My interest in globalization undoubtedly stems from growing up in Canada amid many different cultures and, perhaps, with struggling at times with identity,” she says. “This led me to study international relations and then travel the world to understand how people with profoundly different interests and outlooks can come together to solve shared problems.”