Run, hide, take action: SFU Safety and Security Services introduces awareness campaign

January 11, 2016

By Ian Bryce

In an active-threat emergency—when an individual or group seeks to kill or injure others in a populated area—appropriate and effective safety protocols are vital.

That’s why Simon Fraser University Campus Safety and Security Services (CSSS), in collaboration with Burnaby RCMP, is introducing an awareness campaign that educates students, faculty and staff about what to do in case of an active-threat situation.

The campaign includes a website with information and resources, and an educational video that simulates an emergency scenario. CSSS also offers workshops for staff and student groups interested in additional personal safety training.

“We’re giving people the tools they need to stay safe,” says Steven MacLean, senior director of CSSS. “The likelihood of an active threat is extremely remote but we have an obligation to protect our community.”

Just as people know to ‘stop, drop and roll’ if they catch on fire, MacLean wants people to ‘run, hide, take action’ during an active-threat emergency. “Taking action” refers to finding ways to delay, block or overcome the threat.

“People should never live their lives in fear but they should be aware of what to do,” says MacLean. “This is not only applicable to people at SFU campuses but anywhere they happen to be.”