Self Reporting Grades FAQ

I cannot find a course I’m trying to self report from the drop down list on my student centre. Why?

Please only self report approved grade 11 and grade 12 courses. See approved course list. If a course is not on the approved course list, then it is not considered in the admission evaluation process, and does not need to be self reported.

I am taking a course from the approved course list online. Should I self report this course?

Yes. All courses that will be completed and listed on your final high school transcript by June 30th need to be self reported (this is true whether a course is completed online or in person).

I don’t have a social studies 11 course. Can I use a social studies 12 course to fulfil this admission requirement?

Yes. A Social Studies 12 course can be used to fulfil the Social Studies 11 requirement. A Social Studies 12 course can be used to fulfil both the Social Studies 11 requirement and a program-specific Social Studies 12 requirement.

I don’t have 8 grade 11 approved courses to self report. Is it okay to leave some spaces blank?


I am unable to self report because I am missing a second Language requirement.

All applicants are required to fulfil the Language 11 requirement. If you believe you have a valid reason for not completing a second language course, you may submit a course exception form.

Can I self report my grades more than once?

You may self report as many times as is relevant, until the deadline stated on your “to do” list, or until you have received an offer of admission from SFU, whichever occurs first.

When will I receive an offer of admission?

Offers of admission are provided on a rolling basis, anytime between February and June.

Will I be denied admission to sfu based on my self reported grades?

No. If an applicant is not admissible based on their self-reported grades, then we will wait for official interim grades and review the application again.

TS is an option when self-reporting  a grade. What does this mean?

TS stands for Transfer Standing. Students should only report a grade of TS if that is the grade their Ministry of Education transcript will reflect for that course. 

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