Team Guardian was founded in 2010 and is SFU’s first design team based at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey Campus. We design and build drones for national UAV competitions and help companies build up their UAV systems. We have developed our own ground control station, we fly our drones autonomously, and have developed our propitiatory image processing software allowing the user to analyze and identify objects in images.

We Are Student Run

Uniquely built on the belief that amazing things happen when students are empowered to take the lead. All members are there to support each other and the club’s success.

A Part of SFU Aerospace

Represent SFU Aerospace working alongside SFU satellite design, Team Phantom and SFU Rocketry to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Your Opinions Matter

We determine our own meeting schedule, projects and other ctivities that fit the needs of our members.

Apply Skills Learned in Classrooms

Be a part of an SFU club that is developing innovative technology in the machine vision, autonomy, and machine learning fields. Gain industry applicable skills to equip you for your dream (co-op) job.