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    1. Go to the following URL:
    2. Click the “Student Sign‐In” button to log in
    3. Log in with your SFU computing ID and password (SFU Alumni who have forgotten their computing account ID or need to reset/reactivate their password please go here). If you have trouble logging in, please email with your full name and student number.
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    Quick Buttons

    Search Postings: Search for Career Services or Volunteer postings. Co‐op job postings are restricted to SFU Co‐op students only.
    Book an Appointment (for Co‐op students only). Non-Co-op students and Alumni - Please visit SFU Career Services at to book an appointment.
    Register for an Event: Register for a Career Services info-session, workshop or networking event.


    Dashboard Tab - Overview (Quickly View)

    Your Messages
    Your Upcoming Schedule
    Upcoming Events/Workshops

    My Account Tab – Preferred Contact Info

    Please fill in your preferred contact and additional info here along with a recent photo (optional).
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    Job Postings

    All Career Services job postings and Volunteer opportunities are visible to all SFU students and alumni.

    Search Job Postings

    View all postings or narrow search by industry for full time/part time, long term/short term career opportunities, exchanges, and internships.

    You can also search by the job ID number if it was given to you.

    “Shortlist” (favourite) jobs for easy retrieval and follow instructions on the job description to directly apply to employers.


    Quickly view any jobs that you have tagged as “Expressed Intention to Apply”.

    Note: you still need to send your application package directly to the employer as per the instructions on the job description.

    Appointments Calendar

    Visit the SFU Career Services page at to book a career counseling appointment.

    Events Calendar

    View and register for upcoming Career Services related events. Double click on an event to view its details and registration information. Use the “Toggle Filters” button to view the events calendar by event type.

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    Find volunteer opportunities, leadership workshops, events, and more related to on-campus departments and students clubs or associations. Just click on "View all available postings" to begin.
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    Experiential Learning (Co-op) Module

    If you are a current SFU student consider joining the SFU Co‐operative Education program! Additional information on the benefits on joining SFU Co‐op can be found at
    Joining the SFU Co‐op Program
    To join the SFU Co‐op program, click on the link relevant to your area of study and complete the co‐op application form.
    Note: application fees apply (see for more information).  Please allow up to 10 business days for application processing. If you have not received updates on your Co‐op application, contact the relevant co‐op office at

Co-op Students




Logging In

1. Go to the following URL:

2. Click the “Student  Sign In” button to log in

3. Log in with your SFU computing ID and password.

(If you have trouble logging in, please email for help. Include your full name, student number and a screenshot or brief description of your issue/error.)




Quick Buttons

Search Postings

Quickly access Co‐op job postings if you have been released for seeking.

Book an Appointment

Book an appointment with your Co‐op advisor/coordinator if available.

Register for an Event

Quickly register for a Co‐op event (workshop, info‐session, etc.) here.

Dashboard Tab – Overview (Quick View of)

Your Messages

Your Upcoming Schedule


Upcoming Events/Workshops



My Account Tab - Preferred Contact Info


Fill in your preferred contact and additional info here along with a recent headshot photo.

This section is mandatory for SFU Co‐op students if your program requires them.

Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.




Feel free to access the services provided by SFU Career Services (available to all SFU students and alumni).






Once you have been accepted in the SFU Co‐op program or if Co‐op is mandatory in your area of study you will see your default Co-op record.

If you cannot see your Co-op record or your application is still pending, contact your Co‐op department at for additional information. If you have not applied to SFU Co‐op, visit for more information on the benefits of Co‐op and the Co‐op program.

Quick Buttons


Upload your Co‐op documents (resume, cover letter, SIS form etc.) into your Documents area.


View and apply to Co‐op jobs if you have been released for seeking.


View any job applications you have submitted and see their status.


View your list of upcoming/past interviews and additional info if you have been shortlisted.


Upload your seeking documents and create application packages here.

Note that the maximum file size for any document is 10 MB per document.

Uploading a Document

Fill in the name of your document (Resume, Cover Letter, SIS etc.), select the corresponding document type and choose the file saved on your computer.  Remember to click the “Upload Document” button.

Job Postings

View Co‐op job postings here.

If you have indicated to your Co‐op department that you wish to view Co‐op jobs and have been released for seeking, you will now have access to view Co‐op jobs for that seeking term(s). If you have not been released for seeking you will not have access to Co‐op jobs. Please contact your Co‐op department at for an update to your release status.

Searching Jobs

There are four ways to search Co‐op job postings:

1) “View All Available Postings” and “Advance Search” quick buttons

2) “Quick Searches” summary

3) “My Saved Searches” (saved under Advanced Search)

4) “Search Posting” to search by a specific job ID number

From your “Search Results” you can either “Shortlist” (favourite) a job for future reference or “Apply” to a job if you have your application documents ready.

Viewing Job Descriptions

Slide the scroll bar to the right to quickly see additional information about the jobs.

Click on the job’s “Job Title” to view the job’s details.

Qualifying for Jobs

Some jobs may have “qualifiers” (restrictions) so you may not be able to apply.

Qualifiers include minimum GPA, citizenship, and degree level (Masters, PhD).

Applying to Jobs

In order to apply to jobs, you need to have your seeking documents uploaded into your Documents section otherwise you will be warned about the missing documents.

After you have uploaded your documents (see Documents section for additional instructions), you can apply to the job by “Creating a Customized Application Package” and selecting the appropriate documents you have uploaded. Be sure to give your application package a unique name (e.g. Job ID # ‐ company name – job title).

Remember to click the “Submit Application” button.  


View any interviews you have been shortlisted for in this section.

Click the “View” button to view the interview details and to book an unscheduled interview timeslot.

Click “Book My Interview Appointment” button to book your interview time slot.

Appointments Calendar

If your Co‐op department uses the myExperience appointment calendar for booking appointments, you can find your department’s advisor or coordinator schedule by clicking the “View Calendar” button.

Select the “Toggle Filters” button to view your coordinator/advisor’s schedule.

Select your coordinator/advisor appointment provider(s) from the list (uncheck the rest) and select the appointment type(s) you wish to see. Click the X button in the top right to close and apply the filter.

Click the “Today” button if the calendar does not automatically refresh in your browser after filtering.

Click on any of the “Open” advising slots to book your appointment.

Fill in the “Appointment Type”, your “Local Phone #” and any notes/comments about the advising appointment you may have for your advisor/coordinator.

Remember to click the “Book Appointment” button at the bottom.  

Events Calendar

This calendar houses all the workshops and events open to Co‐op students. Click the “Toggle Filters” button to see or hide specific workshops. Clicking on an event in the calendar allows you view the details and register for the event. Remember to click the “Register for this event” button. If the event allows for it you may be able to cancel your registration or sign up on the wait‐list when the registration is full.

Co-op Employers




Logging In

Visit SFU myExperience’s login page at
Clicking the blue “Employer Sign In” button will redirect you to the SFU myExperience employer login portal. If this is your first time logging into SFU myExperience, you will need to reset your password. Hover over Employers on the top red bar and select Forgot Password. Fill in your email address into the 'Your Login ID' field and click Email Reset Code button. If your account exists in our system, you see a Success message and the system will email you a Reset code to reset your password. Copy and paste the Reset Code and use it in Step 2 of the Forgot Password page. If your email is not in our system when you try to use Email Reset Code, you may get an error message. You will need to select Employers Registration from the Employer drop down to create a new account. Follow the screens and fill in as much information as you can. All fields with a (*) are mandatory and cannot be skipped.

You will be asked to create a Division record in SFU myExperience. If your organization does not have a division, just use your Organization’s name as the Division name. Remember to click Submit Registration at the end of the form. You will be notified within five business days once your registration has been approved.




If this is your first time logging into SFU myExperience please update your account’s information under My Account
Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page.


Posting a Co-op Job


From your Dashboard, click the blue Post a Job button.
Select Experiential Learning Job Postings (Co-op).
If you wish to copy your new job from a previous posting, select your job from the Previous Posting drop down else click the blue Post a New Job button
Fill in the fields. All mandatory fields have a (*) beside the field name. Include any additional info at the bottom of the posting if necessary. At the bottom of the form click Submit Posting for Approval.
On the next screen, ignore the qualifier questions and click the Skip button. These will be set by the Co-op department.
On the last screen, you can fill in any Employer Employment Details for Co-op staff to review. Remember to click the Submit button.
Your job has now been submitted for approval and your Co-op representative will contact you shortly.
After your job has been approved, if you make any edits, the job will immediately return to a Pending for Approval state and students will no longer be able to see your job posting until it is re-approved. Please notify your Co-op department representative for re-approval.

myExperience Tutorial Videos

Applying for Co-op

Uploading Documents to myExperience

Viewing & Applying for Jobs

Registering for Workshops