Work in Progress

Working Papers

Externalities in Politicians' Malfeasance: Norms of Corruption, with G. Bobonis and X. Zhao, 2022

Work in Progress

Marriage Penalty and Divorce premium? Theory and Evidence

On the Determinants of Trust in the Police: Does Ethnicity matter?, with R. Hickey

Other Publications

As part of the expert panel on Basic Income work that was commissioned by the BC government in 2018, I worked on a separate study to review income supports for Indigenous B.C. residents from 2018-2021. The research was conducted in collaboration with the B.C. First Nation Leadership Council. The report produced provides 51 recommendations to improve government’s existing system of supports for Indigenous people in B.C.

Income Supports and Indigenous Peoples in BC: An Analysis of Gaps and Barriers (Full Report), with J. Quinless, 2022.

A shorter Summary Report can be downloaded here.

Dormant Working Papers

Interregional Redistribution and Regional Disparities: How Equalization Does (Not) Work, CEPR Discussion Paper #8133, with C. Lessmann, 2010.

The Ideology Trap , with B. Bühler, 2016.