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The Architecture of Federations: Constitutions, Bargaining, and Moral Hazard, CEPR Discussion Paper #4244, with Christoph Lülfesmann and Gordon Myers, 2009. r&r Journal of Public Economics

Working Papers

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed. Theory and Evidence on the (Dis)Advantages of Informal Loans, with Alexander Karaivanov, April 2013.

Does misinformation demobilize the electorate? Measuring the impact of alledged ``robocalls'' on voter turnout in the 2011 federal election, CEPR Discussion Paper #8945, with Tom Cornwall, April 2012.
        Note: The master data and Stata code for this paper is available here.
Press reactions to this study

Maclean's Magazine, Vancouver Sun (also appeared in the Times Columnist and the Province), Toronto Sun, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Burnaby Now, The Tyee, CBC Radio 1 (mp3), Interview on "Daily Brief" (video)

Interregional Redistribution and Regional Disparities: How Equalization Does (Not) Work, CEPR Discussion Paper #8133, with C. Lessmann, 2010.

Ideologues: Explaining Partisanship and Persistence in Politics (and Elsewhere),CEPR Discussion Paper #7724, with B. Bühler and Dan Bernhardt, 2010.

The Partisan Paradox , with B. Bühler and Dan Bernhardt, 2014.

Work in Progress

How Much does Culture Really Matter? Evidence from Canadian Immigrants (with K. Milligan)

De Soto in Canada? Private Property and Economic Development on First Nations' Reserves (with F. Aragon and M. Brinkhurst)

Modern First Nation's Treaties and Economic Performance (with F. Aragon)

Institutions, Governance, and Well-Being: An Analysis of First Nation Communities in Canada (with F. Aragon)

On the Determinants of Trust in the Police: Does Ethnicity matter? (with R. Hickey)