Work in Progress

Working Papers

Property Rights on First Nations' Reserve Land, with F. Aragon, 2018

How Much does Culture Really Matter? Evidence from Canadian Immigrants , with K. Milligan, 2018

The Ideology Trap , with B. Bühler, 2016 (new).

The Partisan Paradox , with B. Bühler and Dan Bernhardt, 2016 (new).

Interregional Redistribution and Regional Disparities: How Equalization Does (Not) Work, CEPR Discussion Paper #8133, with C. Lessmann, 2010.

Work in Progress

Institutions, Governance, and Well-Being: An Analysis of First Nation Communities in Canada (with F. Aragon)

On the Determinants of Trust in the Police: Does Ethnicity matter? (with R. Hickey)