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Immanent Critique, New Directions: Bohman & Feenberg - See more at:

Capacités d'agir à l'ère numérique par Andrew Feenberg [web link]

Legacy of the Philosophy of Technology in STS: An Interview with Andrew Feenberg by Dian Zeng and Lu Gao [PDF]

"Technoscience et déréification de la nature" - Colloque sur Les Sciences Humaines et Sociales en Recherche Technologique. Cerisy-la-Salle, France 2019 [web link]

"Technoscience and Political Algorithms" - 3/8/19 Atkinson Hall Auditorium UC SanDiego [web link]

1968-2018 Conference SFU - "1968 and the Struggle Against Technocracy" [web link]

La Grande Table - "La démocratie peut-elle repondre le contrôl de la technique avec Andrew Feenberg" [web link]

"Absolute Historicism in Gramsci and Lukacs" - SFU's 2018 Gramsci Conference [web link]

France Culture radio interview 2018: "La démocratie peut-elle reprendre le contrôl de la technique?" [web link]

"Technology at the End of the World" - Andrew Feenberg and Bernard Stiegler in dialogue with Gabriel Rockhill and the participants in the Critical Theory Workshop at the 2017 EHESS in Paris [web link]

Rorotoko Interview with Andrew Feenberg [web link] Interview continued: [On his book Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason
(Cover Feature of December 18, 2017)

Remembering the May Events. Interview with Chris Reynolds [web link]

Praxis et Theorie Critique. Entretien Avec Andrew Feenberg [web link]

Teoria Crítica, velhos e novos desafi os: entrevista com Andrew Feenberg [PDF]

“La Revanche des Geeks,” contribution to the conference “Entre manculinité et technicité,” Ecole Polytechnique [geeks.mp4]

Debate between Andrew Feenberg, Sally Wyatt and Wiebe Bijker [web link]

"Part of the Technical System" - an interview by Zan Boang, New Philosopher, Issue 11, Fabruary - April, 2016 [PDF]

"Reification, Technological Progress, and Post-capitalist Horizons" - an interview by R.C. Smith, Heathwood Institute and Press, November 27, 2015 [web link]

"The Bursting Boiler of Digital Education: Critical Pedagogy and Philosophy of Technology" - an interview by Petar Jandric, Knowledge Cultures 3(5), 2015 [PDF] [in Ukranian]

"The Internet in Question", Andrew Feenberg at IAMCR UQAM, Montreal, Canada, 2015 [web link]

"The Mediation is the Message", Andrew Feenberg at KAIST, Soeul, Korea, October 7, 2010 [web link]

Interview d'Andrew Feenberg, ISCC, 1er juin 2015 [web link]

"Philosophy of Technology": Jairo Dias Carvalho interviews Andrew Feenberg in, Revista de Filosofia Aurora, v.27, n.40, 2015. [web link] [PDF]

Technique et capitalisme: entretien avec Andrew Feenberg, 9 February 2015 [web link] [PDF]

The Phenomenon of Reification talk at the Vancouver Institute for Social Research, 27 October 2014 [video]

Entrevista com Andrew Feenberg,” Scientiae Studia, vol. 7, no. 1, jan-mar., 2009, pp. 165-171 [PDF]

Perché Marcuse oggi?” Intervista ad Andrew Feenberg di Silvia de Bianchi, Essere Comunisti, marted“ 21 ottobre 2008 [PDF]

Interview in Pagina 12 (Spanish) [PDF] [html file]

Jalal Nabhanizadeh interviews Andrew Feenberg in Shargh Newspaper (Farsi), 2014 [PDF]

Tasos Tsakir interviews Andrew Feenberg in Journal of Editors (Greek), 2014 [PDF]

Mémoire vidéo du Forum Mondial Sciences & Démocratie - Belèm, 26 et 27 janvier 2009 [web link]

CBC Radio-Canada Interview: L'auteur des Années lumiére : Andrew Feenberg (in French)- 7 September 2014 [web link]

CBC Radio-Canada Interview: Repenser notre rapport ˆ la technologie (in French)- 8 March 2014 [web link]

Roy Christopher
interviews Andrew Feenberg on Questioning Technology - October 2004

Talk on The Philosophy of Praxis [video]
Immanent Critique, New Directions: Bohman & Feenberg - See more at:

Esprit Interview La pensée de la technique in French (preview) [web link] [PDF]

Recurring Questions of Technology [web link]

Video of "A Critical Theory of the Open" with Andrew Feenberg and John Willinsky [web link]

Interview with Frontwheel Drive

Darin Barney interviews Andrew Feenberg at McGill

Tom Fudge Interviews Andrew Feenberg for Public Broadcasting

Documentary on the May Events Archive [YouTube Video]

Online Since the ’80s: An Interview with Andrew Feenberg on the Power of Online Communities [web link]

Laureano Ralon interviews Andrew Feenberg for Figure/Ground Communications [web link]

Andrew Feenberg's Book Talk on The Essential Marcuse [YouTube Video]

Andrew Feenberg's CRC talk: Ten Paradoxes of Technology, 11 Feb 2010 [YouTube Video]

Interview in Korean for Donga Ilbo, 12 Oct. 2010, p. A33 [JPG]