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1. Technology in a Global World [PDF]
2. Preface to the Japanese edition of Alternative Modernity [web link]
3. Democratic Rationalization [web link]
4. Respecting the Virtual Subject [PDF]
5. Can Technology Incorporate Values? (Tekunoroji ha kati to gattai dekiruka? -- Jidai no mondai ni taisuru Marukuze no kai tou), published in Jouhou Mondai Kenkyu, 2003. [PDF]
6. The Rational Critique of Rationality [PDF]
7. Japanese review of Questioning Technology [PDF]
8. A Survey on the "American School" in the Philosophy of Technology by Yoko Arisaka [PDF - 6MB]

1. Comment on Alternative Modernity by Lujun [html file]
2. Modernity and Technology (partial draft translation in Chinese) [html file]
3. Modernity Theory and Technology Studies [html file]
4. Feenberg’s Critical Theory of Technology by  Cao Guan Fa [html file]
5. Technology in a Global World [html file]
6. Six Paradoxes of Technology [PDF]
7. See also E-Business Monthly articles [web link]
8. Transhumanism? [PDF]
9. Alternative Modernity [PDF]
10. Great Refusal or Long March: How to Think about the Internet [PDF]
11. Gao Haiqing interviews Andrew Feenberg in Studies of Dialectics of Nature, 2015 [PDF]
12. The Philosophy of Praxis, Chapter 1 in Tsinghua Law Review [PDF]
13. Encountering Technology 邂逅技术英文原文  [DOC]
14. Chinese translation of Between Reason and Experience: Essays in Technology and Modernity, Gold Wall Press, 2015 [preface]

1. Review of Transforming Technology by SoYeon Park [PDF]
2. Interview by Jinhee Lee [JPG file]
3. Interview in Donga Ilbo, 12 Oct. 2010, p. A33 [JPG file]
4. Technology and Human Finitude, 17 October 2013 [PDF]
5. Chapter 1 of Heidegger and Marcuse: The Catastrophe and Redemption of History by Wha-Chul Son - 19 April 2014 [PDF]

1. Review of Questioning Technology by Marina Maestrutti [PDF]
2. Preface to La tecnologia in discussione [PDF]
3. Traduzione e commento critico del testo: Andrew Feenberg, "Alternative Modernity" [PDF]
4. PerchŽ Marcuse oggi?” Intervista ad Andrew Feenberg di Silvia de Bianchi, Essere Comunisti, marted“ 21 ottobre 2008 [PDF]

1. Postindustrial Discourses [html file]
2. Subversive Rationalization [PDF]
3. Interview with Tasos Tsakir in Journal of Editors, 2014 [PDF]

1. Chapter 1 of Transforming Technology [PDF]
2. Chapter 7 of Transforming Technology [PDF]
3. Critical Theory of Technology [PDF]
4. Andrew Feenberg: Racionaliza‹o Democr‡tica, Poder e Tecnologia, ed. R. Neder [PDF]
5. Ciclo de Conferncias Teoria Cr’tica da Tecnologia [web link]
6. Marcuse's Phenomenology: Reading Chapter 6 of One-Dimensional Man [PDF]
7. Tecnologia e finitude humana [PDF]
8. Andrew Feenberg: A metateoria da filosofia: a formula‹o de Luk‡cs [PDF]
9. University of Bras’lia talk on ICTs and universities: Future of the University - 25 March 2014 [web link]
10. A libertacao de natureza - December 2013 [PDF]
11. Entrevista com Andrew Feenberg,” Scientiae Studia, vol. 7, no. 1, jan-mar., 2009, pp. 165-171 [PDF]
12. Special issue on Andrew Feenberg, Revista de Filosofia Aurora, v.27, n.40, 2015 [content]
13. O que Ž Filosofia da Tecnologia? by Franco Nero Antunes Soares [PDF]
14. Da Psicologia ˆ Ontologia by Cl‡udia Dalla Rosa Soares, Artefilosofia- June 2015 [web link] [PDF]
15. Simondon e o construtivismo: uma contribui‹o recursiva ˆ teoria da concretiza‹o, Sci. stud. vol.13 no.2 S‹o Paulo abr./jun. 2015 [PDF]
16. A realiza‹o da filosofia: Marx, Luk‡cs e a Escola de Frankfurt  [web link] [PDF]
17. Teoria Cr’tica, velhos e novos desafi os: entrevista com Andrew Feenberg [PDF]

 1. Le problme de la modernitŽ dans la philosophie de Nishida [PDF]
2. Technocratie et RŽbellion: Les ŽvenŽments de Mai 1968 (Chapter 2 of Questioning Technology) [PDF]
3. Technologie et Transition (Chapter 2 of Transforming Technology) [PDF]
4. La Rationalisation du jeu: Une ThŽorie critique du jeu numŽrique [web link] [PDF]
5. Le Mouvement Žcologiste et la poltique technologique [PDF]
6. Le DŽsordre Žconomique et Žrotique [PDF]
7. Les dix paradoxes de la technologie [PDF]
8. [Re]Penser la technique [PDF]
9. La pensŽe de la technique: pour une approche humaniste (preview) [web link] [PDF]
10. Le monde de l'Žcrit: thŽorie et pratique de la confŽrence assistŽe par ordinateur (1992) [PDF]
11. L'anthropologie et la question de la nature. RŽflexions sur l'Žcologie des autres, de Philippe Descola [PDF]
12. Technique et capitalisme: entretien avec Andrew Feenberg [web link] [PDF]
13.Praxis et theorie critique. Entretien avec Andrew Feenberg [web link]
14.ConcrŽtiser Simondon et le constructivisme. Une contribution rŽcursive ˆ la thŽorie de la concrŽtisation [PDF]

1. Dialektischer Konstructivismus: Zur Actualitat von Luk‡́cs’ Konzept der transformierenden Praxis [PDF]
2. Marcuse: Uber Technik und Wert [PDF]
3. Heidegger und Marcuse: Zerfall und Rettung der AufklŠrung [PDF]

1. Racionalizacion Democratica: Tecnologia, Poder, y Libertad [html file]
2. La ense–anza "online" y las Opciones de Modernidad [PDF]
3. Tecnolog’a para comunidades y racionalizaci—n democr‡tica [html file]
4. El Parlamento de las Cosas [PDF]
5. Theoria Critica de la Tecnologia [PDF]
6. Del esencialismo al constructivismo: la filosof’a de la tecnolog’a en la encrucijada [PDF]
7. Science, Technology and Democracy [PDF]
8. Ten Paradoxes of Technology [PDF]
9. Interview in Pagina 12 [PDF] [html file]
10. Los archivos de Mayo de 1968: Una Presentaci—n de la Lucha Anti-Tecnocr‡tica en Mayo de 1968” [PDF]
11. Filosof’a de la tecnolog’a y democracia por Andrew Feenberg como emergente de la teor’a cr’tica de Herbert Marcuse para el siglo XXI, par Natalia Fischetti [web link] [PDF]
12. Transformar la Tecnologia [web link]

1. Review by Kiraly Gabor [PDF]
2. Democratic Rationalization [PDF]

1. The Mediation is the Message: Rationality and Agency in the Critical Theory of Technology [PDF] 10.5MB [PDF] (285KB)

1. Andrew Feenberg's Homepage [weblink]

1. Ten Paradoxes of Technology [PDF]
2. "The Bursting Boiler of Digital Education: Critical Pedagogy and Philosophy of Technology" - an interview by Petar Jandric, Knowledge Cultures 3(5), 2015 [PDF]

1. Teknikk og Modernitet [PDF]

1. Function and Meaning: The Double Aspects of Technology [PDF]

Farsi (translations and related works)
1. Critical Theory of Technology: An Overview [PDF]
2. Heidegger, Marcuse and the Philosophy of Technology [PDF]
3. Novel and Modern World by Fazolah Pakzad, 1997 [PDF]
4. Marcuse or Habermas by Abbas Ghanbari, 2004 [PDF]
5. The Essence of Technology: Habermas vs. Heidegger by Shima Hakimi, 2008 [PDF]
6. Technology's Various Philosophical Perspectives by Shima Hakimi, 2008 [PDF]
7. Heidegger vs. Feenberg by Khashayar Boroomand and Mostafa Taghavi, 2013 [PDF]
8. Two Alternatives for Technology by Mostafa Taghavi, 2013 [PDF]
9. Andrew Feenberg's Special Approach to Technology Studies, in Shargh Newspaper by Jalal Nabhanizadeh, 2014 [PDF]
10. Interview with Andrew Feenberg, by Jalal Nabhanizadeh in Shargh Newspaper, 2014 [PDF]
11. Ten Paradoxes of Technology by Jalal Nabhanizadeh in Ettelaat Hekmat Va Marefat, 2014 [PDF]
12. What is Philosophy of Technology, by Jalal Nabhanizadeh, 2015 [PDF]
13. Andrew Feenberg's Philosophy of Technology - an MA thesis by Jalal Nabhanizadeh [PDF]
14. Emancipation from the Dominant Technological Atmosphere in Andrew Feenberg's Critical Theory of Technology by   Khashayar Boroomand and Seyed Hassan Hosseini [PDF]
15. Reification, Technological Progress, and Post-Capitalist Horizons, an interview with Andrew Feenberg by Richard Smith, translated by Javad Ganji [PDF]

1. Teknoloji ve Toplum [PDF]