Research Associates/ Assistants

  1. Binu Baby Kavumgampillil: Rsearch Associate in 2019. Worked on statistical analysis of experimental data.

  2. Sheetal Shajan: Research Associate in 2019. Worked on the project Matheamtics of investments.

  3. Nicola Van Der Mark: Research Associate in 2016. Worked on the project Fractional Assignment Problem.

  4. Maria Jose Patron Estrada: Rsearch Associate in 2016. Worked on the project Experimental Analysis of Algorithms.

    1. Wilson Lin: Research Assistant in Summer 2015. Interested in implementation and testing of algorithms.

    2. Ziyang Zhao : Completed M.Sc in Computing Science. Reserch Assistant in Summer 2015. Worked on the project Rank one quadratic assignment problem.

    3. Wen Sun: Undergraduate student from DDP (SFU & ZU), undergrad research assistant in Theory Lab in 2011. Currently he is doing PhD at The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University.

    4. Pooja Pandey: Completed her M.Sc in Operations Research from University of New Brunswick Saint John in 2007. Completed Ph.D from Simon Fraser University Surrey in 2018 and currently working at 1QBit as Operations Research Scientist.

    5. Paresh Saxena: Finished PhD in Telecommunications and Systems Engineering, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. Currently working at Ansur Technologies AS, Barcelona, Spain.

    6. Bishnu Bhattacharyya: Currently he is working as a sfotware engineer at Google, California.