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Jim Bizzocchi is a moving image artist living in British Columbia, Canada. His Ambient Video series of works - Rockface (2002), Streaming Video (2004), Winterscape (2006) -explores a new genre for high-definition video that might be described as 'living painting', or 'ambient video'. The prime characteristic for such work is that it be visually interesting and capable of supporting close viewing at any time. It should change, but not too quickly, and the details of any particular change should not be critical. Ambient video is the "slow-form" reversal of forty years of intense development of the fast-paced television "short-form". Jim's work has been exhibited in Vancouver Canada, London UK, Ann Arbor USA, and Banff Canada.

As an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University, Jim researches the visual poetics of large-scale, high-resolution video display, interactive narrative, game design, and the relationship between new media and innovative learning experience. His publications have appeared in such periodicals as the Journal of Moving Image Studies, Journal of Gaming and Simulation, Crossings Electronic Journal of Art and Technology, and conference proceedings for Creativity and Cognition, International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC), Association for Computing Entertainment (ACE), Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA), among others.

Jim Bizzocchi with "Rockface"