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Jim Bizzocchi

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Ambient video art is an emergent form, simple to describe, but difficult to achieve. Ambient video works are designed to play in the background of our lives, yet they must be ready to reward our attention in any given moment. Like Brian Eno's ambient music, they "must be as easy to ignore as notice". However, whenever they are noticed, they must always yield visual pleasure. In this capacity, they must be equally proficient at rewarding a fleeting glance, a more direct look, or a longer contemplative gaze.

This is a considerable creative challenge, and in this regard I have definite criteria I use for my own ambient work:

  • it should be visually engaging the first time you view it
  • it shouldn't require your attention at any time
  • it should renew its engagement at whatever moment you choose to return to viewing
  • it should sustain visual pleasure over a great number of repeated viewing
Ambient Video is rooted in the history of experimental film and video art, but is also an evolving form very much in the spirit of Higgins's concept of intermedia - emergent but coherent media forms that are situated within and between other existing forms. There is a reason some artists call the form "Video Painting". It sits comfortably within a shared aesthetic space that joins fine art, photography, cinema and video.
Screenshot from" Rockface"
Screenshot from" Streaming Video"