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Ambient Video

Aesthetics of High-resolution Large-scale Video Display

If you are standing five feet away from a six foot wide, high-resolution video display, is that Television, or Imax? Or is it a Screen Saver?

The dissemination of large-scale high-resolution display devices in homes will transform the video experience. This technology creates a new set of reception conditions, situating cinematic size and quality within the context of domestic viewing.

The effects of this technology will be amplified by rapid developments in a variety of related technologies: inexpensive high-resolution video cameras; sophisticated and widespread post-production software; improved video storage, playback and distribution; and the inevitable shift to a high-definition broadcast television standard.

Artists and producers will take advantage of these emergent technologies. Traditional cinematic aesthetics will be re-privileged in the new video forms, visually layered production styles will be revitalized, and new forms of ambient video will be discovered. My research situates these developments in a historical context, speculates on the emergent aesthetics of this form, and develops proof-of-concept productions that instantiate the aesthetic directions I am predicting.


Bizzocchi, J. "Ambient Video: The Transformation of the Domestic Cinematic Experience", in Small Tech: The Culture of Digital Tools, eds. Byron Hawk, David Rieder, and Ollie Oviedo. University of Minnesota Press, February 2008 - PDF file

Bizzocchi, J. "The Aesthetics of the Ambient Video Experience", DAC2007, The future of digital media culture, Perth, Australia, September 2007. - PDF file

  Creative Work

Integral to my research is an associated series of original production projects. These creative works have a mutually dynamic relationship with my theoretical writing. The productions instantiate and test the developments and directions I am predicting. They also lead to modifications of these predictions, and suggest new directions for my theoretical writing.  

To date, I have completed three works: Rockface, Streaming Video and Winterscape. A fourth, Cycle, has been shot and is in post-production with an expected release date of June 2008.

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