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Games and Learning

Jim Bizzocchi


Games & Learning
  I have been involved with several important projects which examine the relationship between the design of New Media experience and the design of innovative learning environments. This work involves the analysis and the design of educational games and simulations. The research goals are the discovery of the ways that learning outcomes can be achieved within game and simulation environments.
  SAGE Project
    The SAGE (Simulation and Advanced Gaming Environments) project is a pan-Canadian, bilingual research network. SAGE researchers examine the role of educational games and simulations for training in the health sector. The SAGE network leader is David Kaufman of Simon Fraser University, and the co-leader is Louise Sauvé of the TéléUniversité. I am a collaborator in the SAGE project working on the Simulation Group with David Kaufman, Steve DiPaola, a number of graduate students and other colleagues
  Concussion Project
    The Simon Fraser University Concussion project developed electronic games that teach young hockey players to recognize the symptoms of concussion, and to know how to deal with concussions when they occur. The project's Principal Investigator was David Goodman. Graduate students associated with the project included SIAT's Brad Paras and Chad Ciavarro.
  Taxonomy of Games and Learning
    This project examined the learning that happens naturally when young people play games. My colleagues Tracey Leacock and Brad Paras and I did preliminary work on a taxonomy of learning objectives that are achieved naturally during the process of playing mainstream video games..
  Graduate Student Supervision
    Brad Paras worked on David Goodman's Concussion project. Associated with that project, he conducted his own research on the development of tools to help people learn how to play a video game. He successfully defended his Master's thesis on in-game training, and is now employed at EA Vancouver.