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I combine field work with a range of laboratory methods to address 'big picture' geological problems. My greatest passion is relating magmatism to tectonics. However, I study any kind of rock, mineral or structure that holds answers to important geological questions.

I am presently consumed by two separate programs of research: 1) the geological evolution of northern Yukon, and 2) the consequences of ridge subduction and slab window formation.

I collaborate with a range of specialists including Dan Marshall (geochemistry) and Dan Gibson (structure), who also belong to the P-T Research Group at SFU. For information on my output and impact, see my publications page.

Yukon Research

Derek Thorkelson

Dyke swarm emplaced into the Paleoproterozoic Gillespie Lake Group after folding of Racklan Orogeny.

I became hooked on Yukon geology from mapping 1:50k sheets for the Yukon Government in the early 1990's.
I carry out research on the petrology and tectonics of slab windows, worldwide.

Diagram shows thermal erosion of plate edge flanking slab window.
Slab Window Research
GSA Cordilleran Section Field Trip on the Okanagan Valley Fault,
May, 2009, led by HD Gibson, SR Brown and DJ Thorkelson
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