Welcome to the Petrology and Tectonics Research Group
in the Department of Earth Sciences
at Simon Fraser University
Andrew J. Calvert
H. Daniel Gibson
Daniel D. Marshall
Derek J. Thorkelson
We carry out research in areas ranging from crustal seismology and paleomagnetism to structural geology, tectonics, geochronology, magmatism, metamorphism, mineralogy and geochemistry. Our work includes both real-world and theoretical studies. We commonly co-supervise graduate students and provide them with intensive and integrated training in petrology and tectonics. Field work forms the basis for many of our students' programs.

Our research group consists of four tenured professors, five adjunct professors, and several graduate students. If you are interested in graduate opportunities, please explore the websites of the tenured faculty, linked below, and contact a potential supervisor.
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Faculty of Graduate Studies
Magmatism related to tectonics

Ridge subduction and slab windows

Proterozoic evolution of western North America

Petrology of Mesozoic and Cenozoic volcanic rocks, Canadian Cordillera
Mineral Deposits

Fluid Inclusion


Metamorphic Petrology


Exploration Seismology applied to Crustal Tectonics

Evolution of Mariana and Aleutian Island Arcs

Cascadia Subduction Zone

Archean Tectonics
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Graduate Studies
Tectonic Evolution of the North American Cordillera

Structural and Metamorphic Analysis of Deeply Exhumed Orogens

Application of U-Th-Pb & Ar-Ar Geochronology to Tectonic Problems

Establishing Pressure-Temperature-time-Deformation paths (P-T-t-D)
Tenured Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Dr. Randy Enkin
Lithological and Alteration Controls on Magnetic and Electrical Properties of Rocks

Paleomagnetic Study of Hydrothermal Alteration, Deformation and Paleogeography
Paleomagnetism and Petrophysics Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada - Pacific
Dr. Maurice Colpron
Yukon Geological Survey, Whitehorse, Yukon
Cordilleran and Arctic tectonics and paleogeography

Cordilleran metallogeny

Yukon geology
Department of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering, Queen's University
Orogenic processes
Himalayan tectonics
Seismotectonics of continental interiors
Centrifuge analogue modelling of orogenic processes
Precambrian tectonics
Dr. Laurent Godin
Dr. Nathan Hayward
Geological Survey of Canada - Pacific
Applied Geophysics

Tectonic Structure and Evolution of Orogenic Belts, Continental Basins
and Ocean Margins

Potential Field applications to Mineral Exploration - Great Bear
Magmatic Zone, NT and SW Yukon
Dr. Bert Struik
Geological Survey of Canada - Pacific
Fault Atlas of the Canadian Cordillera for seismic hazard determination (active)

Tertiary Tectonics of the central Cordillera (past)