My students and I are part of the Petrology and Tectonics Research Group at SFU. The P-T Group undertakes research in areas ranging from structural geology and crustal seismology to metamorphic petrology and geochemistry. We commonly co-supervise graduate students and provide them with intensive and integrated training in petrology and tectonics. Field work forms the basis for many of our students' programs.



My Research Program:

I have a field-based research program focused on the tectonic evolution of collisional orogens, with emphasis on the Canadian Cordilllera and Canadian Shield. Typically, projects include structural, metamorphic, and U-Th-Pb geochronologic analyses of rocks exhumed from mid- to lower crustal levels that provide insight into deep-seated orogenic processes.


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Supervised Graduate Students:

Sarah Brown
Graduated 2010

Geology and geochronology of the southern Okanagan Valley shear zone, southern Canadian Cordillera, British Columbia
Elizabeth Westberg

Graduated 2010
The tectonometamorphic and structural evolution of the Yukon Tanana and Cassiar terranes in the Mendocina Creek area: Implications for the tectonic framework of south-central Yukon

Prince Ofori Amponsah

Graduated 2011

Prince Multiscale structural analysis of the Sunyani Basin, Ghana

Ivanka Mitrovic

Graduated 2013

Ivanka Evolution of the Coast Cascade Orogen by Tectonic Thickening and Magmatic Loading: The Cretaceous Breakenridge Complex, Southwestern British Columbia

Reid Staples

Graduated 2014

Diachronous Deformation, Metamorphism and Exhumation in the Northern Canadian Cordillera: Revealed from Pressure-Temperature-Time-Deformation Paths of Former Mid-Crustal Rocks
Luke Bickerton

Graduated 2014
Luke The northern Cache Creek terrane: a record of Middle Triassic arc activity and Jurassic-Cretaceous terrane imbrication
Vincent Twomey

Graduated 2014
Vince Three dimensional strain distribution and deformation temperature interpreted from quartz microstructures and petrofabrics in the Okanagan Valley shear zone, southern Canadian Cordillera
Lucia Theny

Graduated 2016
Ms Lucia Theny Age, formation and tectonism of the Neoproterozoic Ruddock Creek zinc-lead deposit and host Windermere Supergroup, northern Monashee Mountains, southern Canadian Cordillera
Andy Clark

Graduated 2017

Mr Andy Clark Tectonometamorphic history of mid-crustal rocks at Aishihik Lake, southwest Yukon
Lianna Vice
Graduated 2017
vice Late Cretaceous to Paleocene evolution of the Blanchard River assemblage, southwest Yukon; implications for Mesozoic accretionary processes in the northwestern Cordillera
Eric Thiessen
Graduated 2019
Eric Paleoproterozoic Tectonometamorphic Evolution of the Southeastern Rae Craton Margin

Will McKenzie

Will Unravelling the tectonic evolution of the enigmatic Jura-Cretaceous basins ofthe Northern Cordillera
Sarah Bowie
Sarah Thermo-tectonic evolution of the Shuswap complex, southeastern Brisith Columbia

Becca Canam

Becca Structural evolution of the western margin of the Rae craton

Field Areas for Current Research:

Harrison Lake, southwestern British Columbia
-tectonic evolution of the southern Coast belt-
HL image

Southern Okanagan, British Columbia
-tectonothermal evolution of the Shuswap metamorphic complex-
-Eocene crustal-scale extension accommodated by the Okanagan Valley shear zone-

Northern Selkirk & Monashee Mts, British Columbia
-tectonometamorphic evolution of Selkirk allochthon and the Shuswap and Monashee complexes-

Yukon Territory
-tectonometamorphic evolution of the northern Cordillera-

Southern Rae craton, NWT
-Neoarchean to Paleoproterozoic tectonometamorphic evolution of the southern Rae craton-

Satellite images courtesy of "maps.google.ca"


Author: Dan Gibson (hdgibson@sfu.ca).
Updated: 04/29/2020