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Refereed Publications

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    See original research article: 'Progressive incision of the Channeled Scablands by outburst floods' by Issac Larsen and Mike Lamb

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    See also: 'EOS Highlight: Where Does the Bed of a River Change from Gravel to Sand?

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    See also: 'Earth science: A fresh look at river flow by Nicole Gasperini

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Theses and Other Publications

CHURCH, M., and VENDITTI, J.G., Recommendations for the reestablishment of sediment transport observations at Mission City (WSC Station 08MH024): Final Report. Report to the Fraser River Estuary Management Program (FREMP), 28 November, 2008.

VENDITTI, J.G., SKLAR, L., DIETRICH, W.E., CUI, Y., FADDE, J., HUMPHRIES, R., MINEAR, J.T., NELSON, P.A., WOOSTER, J., WYDZGA, M.A., Gravel Augmentation: Lessons from the Laboratory, in Physical Modeling Experiments to Guide River Restoration Projects: Final Report (Restoration Manuals), Contract No. ERP-02D-P55, by Stillwater Sciences, UC Berkeley, and SFSU, Prepared for CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program, Sacramento, 2008. PDF

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