Communication Networks Laboratory

The Communication Networks Laboratory highlights the interests and activities of its two principals Ljiljana Trajkovic and Stephen Hardy. Current activities encompass wireline and wireless data networks, with emphasis on traffic modeling and characterization, simulation of network protocols and algorithms, and analysis of network performance.

Research projects

Analysis of Traffic Data from Wireless and Wireline Networks

  • Machine learning techniques for classifying network anomalies and intrusions: CyberDefense and BGPGuard (software available)
  • BGP feature properties and classification of Internet worms and ransomware attacks
  • Deep echo state networks for detecting Internet worm and ransomware attacks
  • Detection of denial of service attacks using echo state networks
  • Broad learning system for classifying network intrusions (software available)
  • Machine learning techniques for classifying network anomalies and intrusions (software available)
  • Detecting BGP anomalies using machine learning techniques (datasets available)
  • Using machine learning techniques to infer connectivity of social networks
  • Classification of BGP anomalies using decision trees and fuzzy rough sets
  • Algorithms and tools for traffic anonymization (software available)
  • Comparison of machine learning models for classification of BGP anomalies (software available)
  • Collection and characterization of BCNET BGP traffic
  • Modeling and characterization of traffic in public safety wireless networks
  • Data mining on billing traces of wireless network
  • Modeling and performance analysis of public safety wireless networks
  • Adapting ad hoc network concepts to land mobile radio systems
  • Wavelet-based analysis of long-range dependent video traces
  • Wavelet analysis of traffic traces and packet loss
  • TCP session analysis and modeling of hybrid satellite-terrestrial Internet traffic
  • Measurement and analysis of hybrid satellite-terrestrial Internet traffic
  • Spectral analysis of the Internet topology
  • Understanding network customers' behavior from billing traces
  • Using AutoClass for exploring demographic structure of Internet users

    Control of Communication Networks

  • Virtual network embedding for switch-centric and server-centric data center networks
  • Comparison of virtualization algorithms and topologies for data center networks
  • Global resource capacity algorithm with path splitting for virtual network embedding
  • Network virtualization and intelligent virtual network embedding (software available)
  • Using resource public key infrastructure for secure Border Gateway Protocol
  • Diagnostics for BGP routing
  • Locator/ID separation protocol for BCNET services
  • Intelligent deflection routing protocol for optical burst switched networks (software available)
  • Probabilistic verification of BGP convergence
  • Spectral analysis of Internet topology graphs
  • Analysis of Internet topologies: a historical view
  • Modeling of TCP with active queue management schemes
  • Characterization of a simple communication network using Legendre transform
  • Delay and throughput differentiation mechanism for non-elevated services
  • Simulation of loss patterns in video transfers over UDP and TCP
  • Analysis and simulation of wireless data network traffic

    Simulation of Network Protocols and Algorithms

  • Effect of MRAI timers on BGP convergence times (software available)
  • Performance evaluation of BGP with route flap damping and routing policies (software available)
  • Improving BGP convergence using route flap damping algorithms (software available)
  • Improving BGP convergence time using adaptive MRAI timers (software available)
  • Streaming video and audio content over mobile WiMAX networks
  • Streaming video content over IEEE 802.16/WiMAX broadband access
  • Integrating ns-BGP with the ns-2.34 network simulator (software available)
  • Integrating ns-BGP with the ns-2.33 network simulator (software available)
  • Improving the performance of the Gnutella network (software available)
  • BGP route flap damping algorithms (software available)
  • BGP with an adaptive Minimal Route Advertisement Interval (software available)
  • Implementation of BGP in a Network Simulator (software available)
  • Selective-TCP for wired/wireless networks (software available)
  • TCP over wireless networks (software available)
  • Modeling and performance evaluation of a General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) network using OPNET
  • Simulation of General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) network system using OPNET
  • Traffic engineering prioritized IP packets over Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network
  • Enhancements and performance evaluation of wireless local area networks
  • Route optimization of mobile IP over IPv4
  • Implementation and performance simulation of VirtualClock scheduling algorithm in IP networks
  • Simulation of quality of service parameters in IP networks
  • OPNET modeling and simulation of CDPD MAC layer behavior
  • OPNET modeling and simulation of Deficit Round Robin scheduling algorithm for IP networks

    Various projects

  • Co-design of high-performance computing interconnection networks
  • Performance measurements of multimedia traffic in an IP over ATM local area network
  • How to evaluate field test performance for a CDMA2000 handset
  • Convergence behavior of RIP and OSPF network protocols
  • Hardware implementation of a high-speed symmetric crossbar switch
  • Simulation of transistor circuits: effect of model parameters
  • OPNET-specific projects

    Professor Emeritus R. H. Stephen Hardy

    Research projects

    Professor Emeritus William A. Gruver

    Research projects