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ISCAS 2016 and IRMACS 2016
CCECE 2016
  • M. Cosovic, S. Obradovic, and Lj. Trajkovic, "Classifying anomalous events in BGP datasets," in Proc. The 29th Annual IEEE Canadian Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (CCECE 2016), Vancouver, Canada, May 2016, pp. 697-700.
ManFI 2015 and IRMACS 2015
ICNP 2011
  • S. Haeri, D. Kresic, and Lj. Trajkovic, "Probabilistic verification of BGP convergence," in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols, ICNP 2011, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Oct. 2011, pp. 127-128 (students poster session paper).
ITC 2011
  • T. Farah, S. Lally, R. Gill, N. Al-Rousan, R. Paul, D Xu, and Lj Trajkovic, "Collection of BCNET BGP traffic," in Proc. 23rd International Teletraffic Congress, ITC 2011, San Francisco, CA, USA, Sept. 2011, pp. 322-323 (students poster session paper).
ISCAS 2011
  • Y.-X. Lai, Y.-M. Huang, C.-F. Lai, and Lj. Trajkovic, "Parallel dynamic voltage and frequency scaling for stream decoding using a multicore embedded system," in Proc. IEEE Int. Symp. Circuits and Systems, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2011.
IRMACS 2011, BCNET 2011, and NSERC-Faculty of Applied Science Industry Partnership Forum 2011
IRMACS 2010, BCNET 2010, and SFU Exchange 2010
  • R. Qarehbaghi, S. Lally, L. Subedi, and Lj. Trajkovic, "Communication networks," IRMACS 2010, Vancouver, BC, Apr. 2010.
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