Our research team, Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media

Our research group Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media has been hard at work since April 2020, in a one-year project funded by SSHRC's Living within the Earth's Carrying Capacity initiative. We are surveying the mightily complex and contradictory engineering literature and developing a calculator. I'm the principal investigator, with ICT engineer Stephen Makonin, founder of the Computational Sustainability Lab here at SFU, engineering PhD student Alejandro Rodriguez-Silva, and media studies postdoc Radek Przedpełski. This cross-disciplinary work is incredibly productive and fun.

Together we’ll be presenting “Tackling the Carbon Footprint of Streaming Media: A Transdisciplinary Laboratory for New Media Informatics” at the New Materialist Informatics conference, March 23-25

Here's Marks and Makonin's op-ed, “Streaming video is overheating the planet," The Vancouver Sun. August 15, 2020

In the coming months we will be publishing survey articles, a refinement of our current carbon-footprint calculator, and policy papers.

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