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Students, and other monads, in “Arts and Philosophies of the Fold,” spring 2015. Photo: Laura Marks

Here in the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University I teach in Art, Cinema, and Performance Studies, the MA in Comparative Media Arts, and the MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies. I also teach graduate students through Special Arrangements. My students are both scholars and artists (often the same person). I teach students how to think about art by drawing close to it and attending to their affective, perceptual, and finally conceptual responses. I teach artists to choose theoretical approaches that shed light on their practice. Teaching art-friendly ways of thinking, I pursue the delicate task of translating the experience of a work of art into the medium of writing.

Courses Fall 2015
FPA 335, Introduction to Film Theory
FPA 821, Research Methods in Comparative Media Arts

Courses Spring 2016
FPA 235, Experimental Film and Video
FPA 412/824, New Approaches in Moving-Images Studies

News from some of my former grad students
Gabrielle Hezekiah is Lecturer in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad). Her beautiful book, Phenomenology's Material Presence: Video, Vision and Experience, is out from Intellect Books.
Aleksandra Dulic teaches in the Department of Creative Studies at
UBC Okanagan. You can read about the Cinema of Braided Processes and other projects here.
Tarja Pitkänen-Walter is Head of the Degree Program in Painting at
Helsinki Academy of the Fine Arts. See her artwork here.
Emily Rosamond is doing a PhD at Goldsmiths. See her sculptural artworks
See Jacky Sawatzky’s interactive, performative, and handmade works
Donna Szöke teaches in the Department of Visual Art at Brock University. See her video and new media works

Graduate supervision at Simon Fraser University
Senior supervisor, Jeffrey Langille, MFA. “How Is It That There Is Always Something New?” Defended, October 2014.
Senior supervisor, Alize Zorlotuna, MFA. “Queering Islamicate Aesthetics.” Defended, September 2013.
Senior supervisor, Sydney Koke, MFA. “Holographic Universe.” Defended, September 2013.
Senior supervisor, Edith Artner, MFA, “Surfbox Sitting on a Liquid Platform: A Note on Sensory Motility, or the ‘Architecture of Landing.’” Defended, September 2011.
Senior supervisor, Natalie Sorenson, MFA, “The Life’s Work of Murphy Piltdown.” Defended, April 2010.
Senior supervisor, Emily Rosamond, MFA, “Chewing Chewing Chewing Social Space.” Defended, October 2007.
Senior supervisor, Amanda Christie, MFA. “Sensuous Machines: Embodied Mechanics of Cinematic Performances.” Defended, May 2007.
Senior supervisor, Jacky Sawatzky, MFA. “The RGB Project.” Defended, December 2004.
Senior supervisor, Sabita Majid, MA in History. “Bollywood’s Diasporan Audience.” Defended, May 2008.

Supervisor, Maria Federova, MA in Interactive Art and Technology. “
Performing Political: Precarious Aesthetics of Digital Video in Capturing Activist Performance.”In progress.
Supervisor, Andrew Czink, Ph.D., Liberal Studies. “Philosophy of Embodied Musical Practices.” In progress.
Supervisor, Tyler Fox, Ph.D., School for Interactive Arts and Technology. “
Transductive Praxis in BioArt: Relational Ontology and Aesthetics of Nonhuman Experience.” In progress.
Supervisor, Adam Ashraf-Abaidi, Ph.D., School for Interactive Arts and Technology. In progress.
Supervisor, Deborah Edmeades, MFA.
On the Validity of Illusion (and Its Attractions).” Defended, September 2014.
Özgün Eylül İşcen, MA in Interactive Art and Technology, “Migrating Embodied Experiences: The Convergence of Sensory Ethnography and Experimental Documentary.” Defended, May 2014.
Supervisor, Juan Manuel Sepulveda, MFA. “The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park.” Defended, May 2014.
Supervisor, Charlene Vickers, MFA. “My Breath, My Gravity: My Anishinabe Indexical Opens, Pops and Riffs.” Defended, September 2013.
Supervisor, Hamidreza Jadid, MFA. “Temporary Marriage.” Defended, September 2013.
Supervisor, Helma Sawatzky, MA in Communication. “Unfolding Presence: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Photography.” Defended, September 2011.
Supervisor, Adrian Buitenhuis, MFA, “HWY 99.” Defended, November 2008.
Supervisor, Sharon Kahanoff, MFA., “The Here to Gathered.” Defended, September 2008.
Supervisor, Donna Szoke, MFA. “Optics Out of Shadows: The Presence of Absence.” Defended, March 2007.
Supervisor, Aleksandra Dulic, Ph.D., School for Interactive Art and Technology. “Fields of Interaction: From Shadow Play Theatre to Media Performance.” Defended, May 2006.
Post-doctoral supervisor, Dr. Hudson Moura, “The Intermedial Frontiers of Exile in Intercultural Cinema.” 2004-2006.

Other graduate supervision

Auckland University of Technology, School of Art and Design
Supervisor, Azadeh Emadi, Ph.D. “
Pa Dar Hava (Feet in the Air)—an unfolding of a Middle Eastern space of exile via moving image art.” Defended, August 2014.

photo: Adrian Buitenhuis

Recent graduate examination
Tammer El Sheikh, " Strategies of refusal: art and cultural politics in the work of Edward W. Said and Hassan Khan," Department of Art History & Communication, McGill University, 2013
Tereza Stehlikova, "Tangible Territory: Inviting the Body into the Experience of Moving Image," Ph.D. in Animation, Royal College of Art, London, 2012
Ilona Hongisto, “Soul of the Documentary: Expression and the Capture of the Real,” Ph. D. dissertation, University of Turku, Finland, 2011
Kjetil Rodje, “Seeing Red: Blood Images in American Cinema, 1958-1969, Ph.D. dissertation, School of Communication, Simon Fraser University, 2011
Nour Dados, “Lost and Found in Beirut: Memory and Place in Narratives of the City,” Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Communication, University of Technology Sydney, 2010