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Students, and other monads, in “Arts and Philosophies of the Fold,” spring 2015. Photo: Laura Marks

Here in the School for Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University I teach in Art, Cinema, and Performance Studies, the MA in Comparative Media Arts, and the MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies. I also teach graduate students through Special Arrangements. My students are both scholars and artists (often the same person). I teach students how to think about art by drawing close to it and attending to their affective, perceptual, and finally conceptual responses. I teach artists to choose theoretical approaches that shed light on their practice. Teaching art-friendly ways of thinking, I pursue the delicate task of translating the experience of a work of art into the medium of writing.

On sabbatical May 1, 2016-April 30, 2017

Spring 2016
FPA 235, Experimental Film and Video
FPA 824, New Approaches in Moving-Image Studies

Fall 2015
FPA 335, Introduction to Film Theory
FPA 821, Research Methods in Comparative Media Arts

photo: Adrian Buitenhuis

Graduate supervision at Simon Fraser University


Dr. Hudson Moura, “The Intermedial Frontiers of Exile in Intercultural Cinema.” 2004-2006.


Supervisor, Yani Kong. Ph.D. by Special Arrangement. Commenced September 2015.

Supervisor, Andrew Czink, Ph.D. in Liberal Studies. “Philosophy of Embodied Musical Practices.” In progress.

Supervisor, Adam Ashraf-Abaidi, Ph.D., School for Interactive Arts and Technology. In progress.

Supervisor, Tyler Fox, Ph.D. in Interactive Arts and Technology. “Transductive Praxis in BioArt: Relational Ontology and Aesthetics of Nonhuman Experience.” Defended, May 2015.

Supervisor, Aleksandra Dulic, Ph.D. in Interactive Art and Technology. “Fields of Interaction: From Shadow Play Theatre to Media Performance.” Defended, May 2006.


Senior supervisor, Asmaa Al-Issa. In progress.

Supervisor, Vilhelm Sundin. In progress.

Supervisor, Deborah Edmeades. “On the Validity of Illusion (and Its Attractions).”
Defended, September 2014.

Supervisor, Juan Manuel Sepulveda Martínez. “The Ballad of Oppenheimer Park.” Defended, March 2014.

Senior supervisor, Jeffrey Langille. “How Is It That There Is Always Something New?” Defended, October 2014.

Senior supervisor, Alize Zorlotuna. “Queering Islamicate Aesthetics.” Defended, September 2013.

Senior supervisor, Sydney Koke. “Holographic Universe.” Defended, September 2013.

Supervisor, Charlene Vickers.
“My Breath, My Gravity: My Anishinabe Indexical Opens, Pops and Riffs.” Defended, September 2013.

Supervisor, Hamidreza Jadid. “Temporary Marriage.” Defended, September 2013.

Senior supervisor, Edith Artner. “Surfbox on a Moving Platform.” Defended, September 2011.

Senior supervisor, Natalie Sorenson. “The Life’s Work of Murphy Piltdown.” Defended, March 2010.

Supervisor, Adrian Buitenhuis, MFA, “HWY 99.” Defended, November 2008.

Supervisor, Sharon Kahanoff, MFA, “The Here to Gathered.” Defended, September 2008.

Senior supervisor, Emily Rosamond. “Chewing Chewing Chewing Social Space.” Defended, October 2007.

Senior supervisor, Amanda Christie. “Sensuous Machines: Embodied Mechanics of Cinematic Performances.” Defended, May 2007.

Supervisor, Donna Szoke, MFA. “Optics out of Shadows: The Presence of Absence.” Defended, March 2007.

Senior supervisor, Jacky Sawatzky. “The RGB Project.” Defended, December 2004.

MA in Comparative Media Arts

Supervisor, in progress: Lee Gilad, Dionne Horacsek, Yumna Iftikhar, Megan Jones, Shervin Shadmehr.

Supervisor, Jorma Kujala. Completed April 2016.

Supervisor, Jelena Beocovich. Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Carolina Bergonzoni. “Presence in Dance – Practical Strategies in a Choreographic Process: An Analysis of Rob Kitsos’s new work
Saudade.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Elysia Bourne. “The Sense Image and the Resurrection of Cultural Memory: elements of haptic image, duration and objecthood in Sergei Parajanov’s
The Colour of Pomegranates (1968).” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Kristina Fiedrich. “The Glut of Faciality: investigating the resonance of biometric technologies in contemporary portraiture.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Molly Grant. “Dynamics of Experience: Visual Ethnographies and Corporeal Knowledge in
The Enclave.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Mandy Ginson. “Surface Effects: Collage, Photomontage and Contemporary Internet Aesthetics.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Rebecca Karpus. “Defining
Ballerina: Degas, Shonibare, and ballerina media.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Maria Cecilia Saba Bonilla. “Altered Realities: Visceral journeys into post-war Peruvian Andean horror films.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Bridget Uhl. “Framing Uncharted Territory with Digital Storytelling.” Completed December 2015.

Supervisor, Justin Ramsey. Completed April 2015.

Supervisor, Dillon Ramsey. Completed April 2015.

Supervisor, Bob Christie. “New Millennium Queer Cinema and the Affects of Joy.” Completed December 2014.

MA in Interactive Art and Technology

Supervisor, Maria Federova. “Performing Political: Precarious Aesthetics of Digital Video in Capturing Activist Performance.” Defended, May 2015.

Özgün Eylül İşcen. “Migrating Embodied Experiences: The Convergence of Sensory Ethnography and Experimental Documentary.” Defended, May 2014.

MA in Communications

Supervisor, Helma Sawatzky. “Unfolding Presence: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Photography.” Defended, September 2011.

MA in History

Senior supervisor, Sabita Majid. “Bollywood’s Diasporan Audience.” Defended, May 2008.

Graduate supervision, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Supervisor, Azadeh Emadi, Ph.D. in Art and Design, “Motion within Motion: Investigating Digital Video in the Light of Substantial Motion.” Defended, August 2014.

Graduate supervision, Helsinki Academy of the Arts, Finland

Doctoral advisor, Tarja Pitkanen-Walter, Ph.D. in Fine Arts. “From Amodal Perception To Abstract Representation – Re-Interpretation Of Modernist Painting.” Defended, June 2006.

Graduate supervision, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto

Supervisor, Gabrielle Hezekiah, Ph.D. “Experimentation, mediation, and Knowledge: The Videos of Robert Yao Ramesar.” Defended, February 20, 2006.

Recent graduate examination

Mansoor Behnam, “Rhizomatic Thinking: Mystical Philosophy in Experimental Film and Video Art,” Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, 2015

Tammer El Sheikh, " Strategies of refusal: art and cultural politics in the work of Edward W. Said and Hassan Khan," Department of Art History & Communication, McGill University, 2013

Christian Suhr, “Descending with Angels: Psychiatry, Exorcism, and the Invisible in Denmark,” Ph.D. in Anthropology and Ethnography, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 2013.