2013 rio de iglesias

In Lugar de Reflexão by Cristina de Iglesias, Casa Francia-Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, August 2013. Photo: Rick Coccia

Dena Wosk University Professor
School for the Contemporary Arts
Simon Fraser University
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MA in Comparative Media Arts and BA in Visual Culture and Performance Studies at SFU Contemporary Arts

Enfoldment and Infinity: An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art Order from MIT Press
“Startlingly bold. ... [Marks’] vision of efflorescence across borders of faith and politics is exhilarating and persuasive.” --Marina Warner,
Art Newspaper

Recent and upcoming events:
A World of Flowing, Intensifying Images: Mulla Sadra Meets Cinema Studies,” keynote lecture at the Film-Philosophy conference, Glasgow, July 2-4, 2014
“Monad, Database, Remix: Manners of Unfolding in John Akomfrah’s The Last Angel of History,” talk at Cinematic Migrations, MIT, Cambridge, MA. March 6-7, 2014
“Arab Glitch,” screening and talk at the University of Rochester. March 4, 2014.
“I Feel Like an Abstract Line,” talk at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. March 3, 2014.
“I Feel Like an Abstract Line,” at “
Mirror-Touch: Synaesthesia and the Social,” Tate London, February 7-8, 2014
“Archaeology of haptic perception,” at the colloquium “Plateaux de la perception,”
Center for Research in Psychology, Art, and Human Sciences, Rikkyo University, Tokyo. December 14-15, 2013.
Experiments in Arab Cinema: Glitch; Unbearable Beauty; The Body in the Archive,” SFU Woodwards, Vancouver, November 15-16, 2013
Experiments in Arab Cinema: The Traveling Program.” Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver. September 15, 2013
“Life in the Manifold: Mulla Sadra, Deleuze, Whitehead," V Seminário Conexões: Deleuze e Territórios e Fugas e… and the XII Seminário Internacional de Filosofia: Nietzsche/Deleuze, at the State University of Campinas, Brazil. August 20-23, 2013
"Aromatic Events: how plant communication makes us more than human," an olfactory talk at the conference "The Secret Life of Plants," Princeton. May 3, 2013
"Immersed in the single channel: Media art exhibition, distribution, and getting paid," talk at Townhouse Gallery, Cairo. April 23, 2013

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