research activities:
uvic seminar (aug 2009) (link), a potential vorticity dynamics for rossby waves on the sphere
hakim group meeting (sept 2005) (link), overheads on floquet instability of a nonlinear gravity wave
aofd, cambridge (june 2005) (link), poster on rotating shallow water (7MB)
siam dynamical systems (may 2005) (link), floquet instability & resonant waves
nyu-courant & columbia (apr 2005) (link)
uw applied math (jan 2005) & njit (apr 2005) (link)
urbana-champaign (mar 2005) (link)
new mexico (dec 2004) (link)
waterloo applied math (oct 2004) (link)
dmacfest, unc (oct 2004) (link to poster pages)
toronto topographic flow talk (oct 2004) (link to overheads)
AMS Mountain Meteorology (june 2004) (link to overheads)
cims/toronto spectral cascade talk (may 2004) (overheads, 600K)
UBC spectral cascade talk (mar 2004) (overheads, 608K)

washington collaborator Greg Hakim
upper level dynamics (isentropic PV & tropopause maps)
featuring today's tropopause

university of washington, atmospheric dynamics seminar
gravity waves with topography (overheads)

texas a&m collaborator Fuqing Zhang