Assignment Phase 4: Final Feature Design Mockups

Based on the feedback you received in your desk crits, select one feature design to go forward with. Refine the idea, define all of the tasks, goals, elements, states, screens, messages and interactions, then design the feature.

This will be the final iteration of the feature for this project. What you present next week should be a fully detailed mockup of the interface elements of your feature, integrated seamlessly into the screens of your assigned application.

refine define and design graphic


  1. Choose one of your proposed features to go forward with.

    Make sure you and your team-mate are in agreement on this. We will have given you some feedback and direction on which might be the best choice but in the end it is up to you to decide.

  2. Refine the feature idea.

    If the proposed feature had any issues at crit, now is the time to fix them. Fill in any holes, refine your reasoning, define the workflow, the goals etc. At this point you may wish to create a clear flowchart of the user's path through your feature from beginning to end.

  3. Refine Your Pitch.

    You will need to pitch the feature again next week, this time to the whole lab who have not heard your pitch from the desk crits. Again, make improvements where necessary, ensure the pitch reflects the final form of the feature.

  4. Create a smaller, targeted, mini-persona of the primary user of the feature.
  5. Design Every aspect of your feature. The Layout, the tasks, the flow through those tasks, the visual language of icons, prompts, progress indicators, status updates, etc.
  6. Use real text for all text elements (no lorem-ipsum), make sure this text is logical, clear, well written and free of any errors or typos.
  7. Create a graphically polished, complete, and integrated mockup of your feature in all of its states, forms and locations. Integrate this mockup into screens of the existing application.
  8. Put everything you are presenting into a polished and effective set of presentation slides.

Learning Goals

  • Gain experience with visual and interaction design patterns, production, and process.
  • Generate a portfolio quality example of your interface design skill.


  • all submissions must have both team members' names and section clearly displayed in the title page.
  • all submissions must ensure your chosen application is clear
  • all submissions must include a full mock-up of the feature, integrated into the existing interface.
  • all submissions must include an elevator pitch
  • all submissions must include a small persona detailing the goals you are designing for.
  • excellent submissions will make good use of graphic and information design to effectively and engagingly communicate the design.
  • excellent submissions will clearly connect your research with your ensuing design.


  • One pdf file, submitted to this assignment
  • You will present your slides in your lab section for critique