Tracey L. Leacock, PhD, PMP

Adjunct Professor / Research Grants Facilitator

Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University

8888 University Drive, Burnaby, BC Canada V5A 1S6

T. 778-782-3483 | F. 778-782-4203

Office: EDB 8675.1, Burnaby Campus

Hello and welcome to my SFU personal webpage!

If you're looking for my full academic CV including information on my research focus, publications, and all the usual details, please see my official faculty page (N.B. our official tempates may not cooperate with Internet Explorer - try Firefox)

Links to the outlines for courses I often teach:

EDUC 220 Introduction to Educational Psychology (C100) (Click on "Course Outlines" in the left column after following the link)

EDUC 222 Research Methods in Educational Psychology

EDUC 360 Instructional Psychology

EDUC 860 Contemporary Theory and Research in Educational Psychology (formerly Foundations of Educational Psychology)

Thinking of Taking EDUC 220 via CODE?

Research Grants Facilitation

Cognitive Science Program

Need a break from all that thinking?

Whatever you choose, your mind will be much clearer once you clear out the cobwebs and remind your eyes that they can see farther than the nearest computer screen!


(Background photo: Greenland From the Air, 2006 (c) Tracey L. Leacock)