(Produced by the Composer)

Sonic Landscapes

Melbourne SMLP 4033 (She, a Solo, Trigon, Sonic Landscape No. 3, Nautilus) 1977


Melbourne SMLP 4042/43 (Love Songs, Androgyny, The Blind Man, Aerial, Ascendance, Arras) 1980

Sequence of Earlier Heaven

(LP) Cambridge Street Records CSR 8501 (East Wind, Nightwatch, Wave Edge, Solar Ellipse) 1985

Digital Soundscapes

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-8701 & Wergo Records WER 2017-50 (The Blind Man, Aerial, Wave Edge, Solar Ellipse, Riverrun) 1987

Pacific Rim

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-9101 (East Wind, Arras, The Wings of Nike, Pacific) 1991

Song of Songs

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-9401 (Basilica, Song of Songs, Sequence of Later Heaven, Nightwatch) 1994


(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-9601 (Powers of Two: The Artist, Bamboo Silk & Stone, Inside, Beauty and the Beast) 1996

Soundscape Vancouver

(Double Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR-2CD 9701 (Pacific Fanfare) 1997


(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-0101 (Pacific Fanfare, PendlerdrÝm, La Sera di Benevento, Dominion, Island) 2001

Twin Souls

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-0102 (Wings of Fire, Androgyne, Mon Amour, Patterns, She, a Solo, Twin Souls) 2001

Powers of Two

(Double Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR 2CD-0401 (Powers of Two, Sequence of Earlier Heaven, Sequence of Later Heaven) 2004

SFU 40

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-0501 (Androgyny, and works by other SFU composers 2005)

Spirit Journies

(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-0701 (Steam, Temple, Prospero's Voyage, The Shaman Ascending, The Way of the Spirit) 2007

The Elements and Beyond
(Compact Disc) Cambridge Street Records CSR CD-1401 (Chalice Well, Fire Spirits, Aeolian Voices, Earth and Steel, From the Unseen World) 2014

NOTE: Other works, including the tape portions of live performance works, are available from the composer on customized compact discs.


(Other Productions)

Pieces for Horn

James MacDonald, Music Gallery Editions, MGE 21 (Sonic Landscape No. 1)

Anthology of Canadian Electroacoustic Music

Radio Canada International, ACM 37 CD 1-4 (Arras)

Perspectives of New Music Compact Disc

PNM 28 (The Wings of Nike)

Cultures Electroniques 6

Serie GMEB/UNESCO/CIME, France (Riverrun)

Tongues of Angels

Lawrence Cherney, soloist, Centrediscs, CMC-CD 4793 (Tongues of Angels)


"Evening" (excerpt of Song of Songs ) DISContact! 1, Canadian Electroacoustic Community

Bamboo, Silk & Stone (excerpt) DISContact! 2, Canadian Electroacoustic Community


Skraep double CD, Copenhagen, Denmark (Pendlerdrom) 1997

Cultures Electroniques 11

Serie IMEB/UNESCO/CIME, France (Sonic Landscape No. 3) 1999

IMEB Opus 30 vol. 1 (1970-1983)

IMEB, Bourges, France (Ascendance) 2000

Organised Sound CD-R

Organised Sound, vol. 8, CD-R, Androgyne, Mon Amour video, 2003

Bamboo, Silk & Stone

Randy Raine-Reusch, private publication, 2004 (Bamboo, Silk & Stone)

Outside The Wall

New Music for Zheng, Mei Han, private publication, 2005 (Bamboo, Silk & Stone)

Big Flutes: Chenoa Anderson

Private publication, Chenoa Anderson, alto flute, 2006 (Steam)

Trans_Canada (ZKM Commissions)

Empreintes Digitales IMED 09100, 2009, The Shaman Ascending (5.1 version)

Orchid Ensemble

Life Death Tears Dream, Orchid Ensemble OE 2012 (Ghostly Moon)

Voces Electroacusticas

Private publication, works for cello and electroacoustics, Iracema de Andrade, cello, 2014 (Wings of Fire)

Ex Machina
Online publication, GreyWing Ensemble, Lindsay Vickery, alto flute (Steam)