List of Octophonic Works realized at Simon Fraser University
works realized with 8- and 16-channel computer-controlled diffusion

using the DM-8 or Audiobox or TiMax2 Soundhub designed by Harmonic Functions

(note: copies for performance available as .aiff files via DropBox or DVD-R)

Barry Truax
Riverrun (1986), remixed for 8-ch. tape (2004)

The Wings of Nike (1987), remixed for 8-ch. tape (2009)

Basilica (1992), 8-ch. tape

Sequence of Later Heaven (1993), 8-ch.tape

Pacific Fanfare (1996), remixed for 8-ch. tape

Pendlerdrøm (1997), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Sequence of Earlier Heaven (1998), 8-ch.tape

Powers of Two (1995-99), for six singers, two dancers, video tape and 8-channel tape

Act 1: Repetition (1999), for four singers, two dancers, and 8-ch. tape

Act 2: The Artist (1995), for two singers, dancer, video tape and 8-ch. tape

Act 3: The Sibyl (1997), for two singers, dancer, video tape and 8-ch. tape

Act 4: Beyond (1997), for four singers, two dancers, and 8-ch. tape

Island (2000), 8 or 16 soundtracks (program note)

Temple (2002), 8 or 16 soundtracks (program note)

Prospero's Voyage (2004), 8 or 16 soundtracks (program note)

The Shaman Ascending (2004-2005), 8 or 16 soundtracks (program note)

The Way of the Spirit (2005-2006), for ichigenkin, shakuhachi and eight digital soundtracks, with Randy Raine-Reusch

Chalice Well (2009), 8 or 16 soundtracks

Fire Spirits (2010), 8 soundtracks

Aeolian Voices (2013), 8 soundtracks

Earth and Steel (2013), 8 soundtracks

The Garden of Sonic Delights (2015-16), multiple soundtracks

Ocean Deep (2017), 8 soundtracks

The Bells of Salzburg (2018), 8 soundtracks

Infinity Room (2019), 8 or 16 soundtracks

Rainforest Raven (2020), 8 soundtracks

What The Waters Told Me (2022), 8 soundtracks

Hildegard Westerkamp

Talking Rain (1997), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Into The Labyrinth (2000), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Peter Manning

In Memoriam CPR (2000), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Jonathan Herring

Transport (2000), 8-ch. tape

... to sing the love of danger (2000), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Gas Tractor (2005), 8-ch. tape

Moonlight on Flowing Water (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Didg (2005), 8-ch. tape

Damián Keller

Touch 'n' go / Toco y me voy (1999), 8-ch.tape

"...soretes de punta" (1998), 8-ch. tape

Drop (1999), 8-ch tape and 35 mm. film

Adis Husejnagic

Neptune (2002), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Solea (2003), 8-ch. tape

Thanon Khaosan (2004), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Hyperalgesia (2006), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Andrew Czink

Strike Slip (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Marc Bjorknas

Jamaican Sound System (2002), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Ben Wilson

Sediment (2003), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Googolplex (2003), 8-ch. tape (program note)

sylvi macCormac

8 Directions (1999), 8-ch. tape and live performers

Witness: Round Journey (2000), 8-ch. tape

De Constructing Abuse (2004), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Daniel Pruger

The New World: Now Boarding at Gate D14 (2005), 8-ch. tape

Galen Elfert

Nebulae (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Biblio (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Jeffrey Mettlewsky

POST (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Unanswered? (2006), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Andrew Douglas

The Lament for the Children (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Continuum (2006), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Sylvia DeTar

Footsteps (2005), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Homecoming (2006), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Pipe Cycles (2006), 8-ch. tape

James O’Callaghan
Casino (2007), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Adam Basanta

is the Medium is the Message (2007), 8-ch. tape and video (program note)

Transients and Resonances (2008), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Eric Powell       

A Low and Distant Roar (2007),  trombone and 8-ch. tape (program note)

Sammy Chien

Landing, Immanent Particles in the Air, Recollecting… (2007), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Nathan Clarkson

Ephemeral Memories of Somewhere (2008), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Wynde Priddy

A Whole Bunch of Sounds (2008), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Peter Bowles

Outside the Innermost Squall (2008), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Craig Noble

Aerosol (2002), 8-ch. tape with video (program note)

Mark MacIntosh

Glass Wind (2003), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Darvin Jones

Artist Resource Centre (2003), 8-ch. tape

Massimo Mariani

604- (Sky Train) (2003), 8-ch. tape

Phil Thomson

Mountain (2003), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Matt Kober

Apotropaic (2004), 8-ch. tape

Jennifer Balabanov

The Evolution of Flight (2003), 8-ch. tape

Milena Droumeva

History Repeating (2003), 8-ch. tape

Alex Mateesco

Lifeblood (2003), 8-ch. tape

Robin Quirk

Eagles Run (2003), 8-ch. tape

Journey of the Fingerlings (2003). 8-ch. tape

Dexter Wayne

A Time Inside (2003), 8-ch. tape

Elizabeth Knudson

Recipe (2003), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Eric Paul

Lenny (2001), 8-ch. tape (program note)

Brian Garbet

Would You Like Fries With That? (2002), 8-ch.tape (program note)

Daniel Colyer

Yume No Nakani (1999) "Into the Dream", 8-ch. tape

Kacho-Fugetsu (2000); 8-ch. tape (program note)

Mike Konkin

New Uluru Rain (2001), 8-ch. tape

Chris Rolfe

Bronze Wound (1996) 8-ch. tape

Scott Wilson

Strings, 8-ch. tape

Sue McGowan

The Carnelian Sea, 8-ch. tape



Darren Copeland

Recharting the Senses

Claude Schryer

Vancouver Soundscape Revisited

Sabine Breitsameter

The Hidden Tune

Hans Ulrich Werner

Vanscape Motion


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