The Shaman Ascending
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Spectrogram of part 5 of Riverrun

HTML Documentation DVD-ROM # 1 (CSR-DVD 0801)

Riverrun (1986/2004)
The Shaman Ascending (2004-05)

plus research topics:
Granular Synthesis & Granulation
Resonators & Comb Filters

The DVD contains all individual tracks, materials and parameters used in the creation of these pieces, plus their structural design, background information and a detailed presentation of all of the digital synthesis and signal processing techniques used, with numerous sound examples and spectrograms, in a format suitable for classes and advanced study. Note: the web version of the research topics does not include the sound examples that are on this DVD (approximately 7 hours of audio material).

NEW: The DVD-ROM now includes an HTML5 Audio option where the soundfiles are embedded on the same page when using the Mac Safari browser only.

See also: DVD-ROM #2, Soundscape Composition, and DVD-ROM #3, Text-Based Composition.
Note: these files may be interfaced to the Handbook.

What the reviewers say:

"A newly released interactive double DVD-ROM Acoustic Communication & Compositional Techniques by Barry Truax is a compelling teaching tool for computer music theory and composition that uses text, images, and sound examples to explore micro-level sound. The juxtaposition of mixed media imparts a glimmer into the theoretical, compositional, and stunning influences that inspire Truax’s formidable work."  M. Simoni & K. Fosdick, Computer Music Journal, 34(2), 2010, pp. 96-98.

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