Soundscape Composition
HTML Documentation

HTML Documentation DVD-ROM #2 (CSR-DVD 0901)
Island (2000)
Temple (2002)

plus research topics:
Soundscape Composition
World Soundscape Project
Acoustic Space

The DVD contains all individual tracks, materials and parameters used in the creation of these soundscape pieces, plus their structural design, background information and documentation of all of the digital synthesis and signal processing techniques used, with numerous sound examples and spectrograms, in a format suitable for classes and advanced study. The presentation of soundscape composition surveys the techniques used in this type of work with extensive examples drawn from tracks by the World Soundscape Project, the author and other composers whose work has been featured on the Cambridge Street Records label.

In addition, a presentation on the concept of Acoustic Space draws on examples from acoustics, psychoacoustics, environmental acoustics, acoustic ecology, and multi-channel diffusion systems. 

Note: these research topics are now freely available on the WSP Database and include the sound examples that were on this DVD
(approximately 7 hours of audio material). Contact Barry ( for a guest password.

NEW: The WSP Database now includes an HTML5 Audio option where the soundfiles are embedded on the same page when using the Mac Safari and Firefox browsers.

See also: DVD-ROM #1, Granular Synthesis and Granulation (including Riverrun and The Shaman Ascending),  and DVD-ROM #3, Text-Based Composition.

What the reviewers say:

"The second DVD-ROM begins with an explanation of soundscape composition and its relationship to R. Murray Schaferís World Soundscape Project. The guiding principles of soundscape composition include the listenerís ability to recognize the source material and that sound invokes the listenerís knowledge of an environmental and psychological context. Additionally, the composerís knowledge of environmental and psychological contexts shapes the micro-and macro-formal elements of the composition. Lastly, soundscape composition enhances our understanding of the world and influences our daily perceptual habits. At a time when our environment is threatened by pollution, this approach to composition exalts human creativity to passionate environmental activism.

"The analyses of the compositions provide a thorough and cogent exhibition of Mr. Truaxís compositional process and include a wealth of supporting documentation including program notes, a structural overview, accompanying spectrograms with temporal references, description of source materials, production notes, reviews, and references. These sections of the second DVD-ROM are priceless snapshots of the composerís creative and technological prowess."  M. Simoni & K. Fosdick, Computer Music Journal, 34(2), 2010, pp. 96-98.