Text & Voice Based Composition
HTML Documentation DVD

HTML Documentation DVD-ROM #3 (CSR-DVD 1001)

The Blind Man (1979)
The Wings of Nike (1987)
Song Of Songs
Wings Of Fire (1996)
Androgyne, Mon Amour (1996-97)

an overview summary of voice processing using:
granular time stretching, resonators, comb filter and convolution
and the essay
"A Voice For All Seasons"

The DVD contains all individual tracks, materials and parameters used in the creation of these voice and text-based pieces, plus their structural design, background information and documentation of all of the digital synthesis and signal processing techniques used, with numerous sound examples and spectrograms, in a format suitable for classes and advanced study. The overview summary surveys the techniques used in this type of work with numerous examples drawn from works by the composer, along with explanations of the techniques themselves.

Note: the web version of the research topics does not include the sound examples that are on this DVD
(approximately 7 hours of audio material).

NEW: The DVD-ROM now includes an HTML5 Audio option where the soundfiles are embedded on the same page when using the Mac Safari browser only.

See also: DVD-ROM #1, Granular Synthesis and Granulation (including Riverrun and The Shaman Ascending) and DVD-ROM #2, Soundscape Composition. Note: these files may be interfaced to the Handbook.

What the reviewers say:

"The analyses of the compositions provide a thorough and cogent exhibition of Mr. Truax’s compositional process and include a wealth of supporting documentation including program notes, a structural overview, accompanying spectrograms with temporal references, description of source materials, production notes, reviews, and references. These sections of the second DVD-ROM are priceless snapshots of the composer’s creative and technological prowess."  M. Simoni & K. Fosdick, Computer Music Journal, 34(2), 2010, pp. 96-98.

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