Lauren Vincent, Associate Director

Lauren is a Professional Engineer with a decade of experience in consulting, research, and climate solutions. Throughout her career, Lauren has sought to incorporate the latest climate science into everyday practice. Over six years as a consulting engineer, she worked to include climate change considerations into engineering design and promote projects which centered on climate risk and mitigation. Lauren completed a Master’s degree at the University of British Columbia where her research focused on the risks that increased flooding under climate change pose to linear infrastructure. Following her Master’s degree, Lauren worked as a project manager at an environmental consultancy providing climate solutions in both the private and public sectors. She led project teams dealing with a wide range of climate change and sustainability issues such as life cycle assessments, offset projects, emissions reduction projects, and environmental benefits assessments. She worked closely with clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on projects spanning clean technology, energy management, circular economy, nature-based solutions, and waste management.

Lauren joined ACT - Action on Climate Team, SFU, as Associate Director in 2023. She applies her background working on both adaptation and mitigation approaches to climate change to integrate and optimize co-benefits in climate action approaches.