Dr. Alison Shaw

Executive Director, Community-Centred Climate Innovation

Dr. Shaw has over two decades of experience leading cross-cutting climate change and sustainability science and policy research, and in mobilizing knowledge, developing tools, and creating partnerships. She has worked as a scholar, a science-policy strategist, and a sustainability consultant and organizational coach. As Founder of FlipSide Sustainability, a consulting and coaching company, Shaw applied her research background to co-create with clients’ leading-edge practices at international, national, regional and local scales.


Advisory Board and Team Members

Deborah Harford
Senior Advisor, ACT co-founder

Paige Hunter
Research Assistant

Carley Termeer
Research Assistant

Dr. Nancy Olewiler
Advisory Board, ACT co-founder

Dr. Chaeri Kim
NSI Research Lead 

Anwen Rees
Research Assistant

Dr. Stewart Cohen
Advisory Board

Chloe Repka
NSI Project Coordinator

Andrew Palmer
Research Assistant