LCR Snapshot: Communications and Implementation - Lessons from ICABCCI Partner Communities

This report captures lessons learned and reported through ICABCCI’s third Peer Learning Workshop, held on January 30, 2020.

Many local governments are moving toward LCR and integrated climate action approaches. For some, it’s a necessity in streamlining capacity and resources; for others, it simply makes strategic sense. Communities that act now to adapt to climate risks and shift toward low carbon approaches are likely to avoid contradictions and reap social, environmental, and economic benefits. The LCR approach seeks to climate-proof communities and ensure today’s investments are effective tomorrow.

This report highlights the key lessons learned from ICABCCI Workshop 3 about implementation successes and challenges, and insights on communicating LCR within local government contexts.  The objectives of the workshop were to facilitate peer-learning and knowledge exchange, refine LCR communications and onboard second wave case communities. Champions from ICABCCI’s five first wave case communities presented on the LCR projects underway in their communities. Each champion provided progress updates, including existing opportunities for LCR integration, what stage they are at, key challenges and benefits, and how they have leveraged the expertise and support of the ICABCCI team. A workshop on LCR communications followed the presentations from partner communities. Working in small groups, participants discussed the effectiveness of ICABCCI communications thus far and solutions for mobilizing LCR in practice.

The report also documents key lessons learned about how to effectively communicate LCR to local government target audiences: elected officials, local government staff, and community residents.