LCR Tool: A Briefing Note for Mayors and Elected Officials

This report offers an introduction to the concept of Low Carbon Resilience specifically tailored to Mayors and elected officials.

The Low Carbon Resilience (LCR) Briefing for Mayors and Elected Officials is a tool for sustainability professionals to communicate the benefits and opportunities of an LCR approach.

The advantage of an LCR approach is that it embeds current and future risk and emissions reductions into decisions made now. Doing so provides an integrated, more coherent approach for how to build resilient communities under changing conditions, and ways to transition toward sustainability. LCR approaches also create and increase funding opportunities, and allow governments to streamline scarce planning resources, while building capacity across the region. Adopting an LCR approach also has numerous potential co-benefits, enabling local governments to create win-win policies and plans which safeguard their citizens from the impacts of climate change, work towards meeting their greenhouse gas reduction goals and provide citizens with a more livable community, simultaneously.

Read the report to learn more about how an LCR approach will fit your community.

* LCR Briefing Note.pdf
September 2020