Guy Plante

I’m recovering from cancer after years of harassment at work (I was an orderly in 2 long term care facilities for senior citizens run by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux).  I had reported mistreatment of beneficiaries, racism towards Black employees, and human resources management based on bullying.  I experienced homelessness following four years of legal action against my employer.  I then experienced violence at the Old Brewery Mission dormitory (assault between beneficiaries, filthiness of the space, insomnia caused by noises in the dormitory, disrespect by unionised workers).

Today I live in a large co-op, resulting from the efforts of activists in social housing: La Montagne Verte.  I advocate for social housing to the Comité logement Ville-Marie and in several committees with my new housing coop.  I also offer workshops on non-violent communication (Marshall Rosenberg) in community settings, and I help people install free software on their computers rather than having to buy Microsoft products. 

I’m trained as a lawyer and guidance counsellor. I often experienced psychological harassement at work being a non-binary man.