Homelessness in Utah: Partnering to Develop Strategy

September 16, 2020

Canham, SL. (2020, Sept 16). Invited panel presenter for the Homelessness in Utah: Partnering to Develop Strategy, for The College of Social Work’s Grand Challenges series, Virtual. https://youtu.be/UxvgKGpfT90

This event was presented live on September 16, 2020, as part of the University of Utah College of Social Work's Grand Challenges for Social Work series.
In order to develop a statewide strategic plan on homelessness as a complex social problem, the state partnered with University of Utah researchers Dr. Lina Svedin and Dr. Jesus Valero. The professors engaged graduate students to conduct community-engaged focus groups all across Utah, and incorporated expert networks and prior research to draft a strategic plan based on national and local best practices. Choosing a collaborative approach and developing trust in partnerships were key to finding solutions to homelessness as a complex and highly differentiated social problem across the state.

Following the presentation, Dr. Svedin and Dr. Valero joined panelists:

—Dr. Sarah Canham, associate professor, University of Utah College of Social Work and College of Architecture + Planning
—Michelle Flynn, executive director, The Road Home
—Miles Southworth, police officer, Salt Lake City Police Department
—Moderator: Shawn McMillen, executive director, First Step House