Integrated harm-reduction health services for older people experiencing homelessness in three Canadian contexts: Recognizing common threads and discussing promising next steps

November 03, 2022


Older people experiencing homelessness have diverse and often complex health needs.  However, many face significant barriers to accessing aged care health services.  This session will identify specific barriers to care, and present evidence and tools from 3 interventions that have improved access to quality care for older people with homeless histories, including mobile palliative care, harm reduction care in supportive housing, and nursing care in short-stay crisis housing. Time will be dedicated to breakout- and full-group discussions of implementation and sustainability strategies in participants’ home contexts.  

Susan Moore

Moore, S. (2022, November). Unintended Consequences of Healthcare Silos on Vulnerable Populations in Independent Living [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Susan Moore is Director of Community Development and Resident Support for Brightside a non-profit, subsidized, independent living housing provider with 26 buildings, housing 1000+ residents, including seniors (80% aged 55+) in Vancouver. Brightside employs an asset-based community development lens in service development and delivery.  Susan has extensive experience in community development and support.

Lara Nixon

Nixon, L., Gray, M., Sampson, M., & Kelly, M. (2022, November). Harm Reduction in Supportive Housing: Engaging Community in Therapeutic Recreation Co-design [paper presentation]. Canadian Association to End Homelessness, Toronto, ON.

Dr Lara Nixon is an academic family physician who has been working in team-based inner city care with older adults with experiences of homelessness since 2002.  She is an associate professor at the University of Calgary. Her research focuses on health equity and integrated health/social service innovations, in collaboration with community partners including service users and providers.