Mapping the Research Landscape of Older Newcomer Housing Insecurity and Homelessness in Canada

October 15, 2021

Kaushik, V., Hoselton, J., & Walsh, C. (2021). Mapping the research landscape of older newcomer housing insecurity and homelessness in Canada. [poster presentation]. UCalgary Symposium.  


Canada’s older adult population is expected to grow more than double over the next few decades. Canada’s newcomer population is also growing rapidly. Mirroring the pattern of population growth, the population of older newcomersis also expected to increase rapidly. Studies have found important linkages between newcomers, housing instability, and vulnerability to homelessness. Most of this research, however, has focused on younger cohorts of newcomers, largely excluding older newcomers. Available research supports thatoldernewcomersare more likely to live in poverty and face systemic challenges in accessing services than younger newcomersor Canadian-born.


The purpose of thisliterature review is to: (1) to gain an understanding of the existing research and debates surrounding the topic of housing insecurity and homelessness among older newcomersin Canada,(2) to establish if housing insecurity and homelessness among older newcomers has received appropriate attention in the academic literature and public policy statements in Canada, and (3) to create adiscoursedesigned to inform future academic research.


The review highlights the relative neglect by the research community of the issue of homelessnessamongolder newcomers inCanada. This review establishes an urgent need to document the current state of homelessness among older newcomers in Canada and to listen to the voices of older newcomerswho are experiencing, or have experienced, housing insecurity or homelessness.


We conclude with a call for a significant discussion of housing insecurity and homelessness among older newcomersin Canada and to mainstream this discussion.