Stereotype Card Decks

These stereotype cards were developed in partnerships with the Lived Expertise Advisors committee to debunk myths about homelessness in later life. This growing collection of evidence-based mythbusting cards addresses issues ranging from hidden homelessness to affordable housing, discrimination, unmet health and social needs, barriers to resources and services, and more. These cards can be printed or shared digitally. Please feel free to download and share widely.


Myth 1: "Homelessness does not happen to older adults."


Myth 2: "All people experiencing homelessness are sleeping on the street or in shelters."


Myth 3: "Housing is affordable and accessible for seniors"


Myth 4: "People who are homeless don't have any life skills."

Myth 5: People become homeless because of their poor choices


Myth 6: "Every person who is homeless is homeless for the same reason."


Myth 7: "People who are homeless are lazy and do not want to work."