Calgary – Kerby Rotary Shelter

July 06, 2022
* Kerby Rotary Shelter
Calgary (2021-2022) Kerby Rotary Shelter site brief


The overall goal of the aging in the right place (AIRP) project is to improve the shelter and housing options to meet the unique and complex health and social needs of older persons experiencing homelessness across Canada.


The Kerby Shelter provides a safe place for all people of any gender over 55 years of age who are fleeing abuse. A variety of supportive services are provided that are designed and adapted to meet the expressed needs of older adults and make their transition from their former living arrangements into the shelter as trauma free as possible.


Staff key informants shared how the flexible and accommodating policies of the Kerby Shelter enabled the provision of services tailored to promote AIRP. They highlighted the emphasis placed on trauma-informed care and client-centred practice as vital for the population they serve.


The built environment of the Kerby Shelter facilitates AIRP through the inclusion of indoor and outdoor spaces designed for social engagement. Challenges to accessibility were noted.


Clients commented on the relationships they developed with staff and other shelter residents as an important component for AIRP. They also shared feeling a sense of community and belonging at the Kerby Shelter. Having both shared spaces and private rooms was described as important for AIRP.