We're out there!

What could you do with a degree in archaeology?

One of our strengths here at SFU Archaeology is our 'hands-on' approach.
From field schools and labs to the museum and co-op placements,
SFU arch students get down and dirty.
And when we get out, we get out there.

See what these SFU Archaeology grads are doing:

Yvonne Broeder
archaeology field lab in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, working with Jerome Lynn Hall, head of the Institute for Nautical Archaeology, Texas
no pix - hey Yvonne, send me some!

Pasha Carruthers
BA, 1998, field work in Cook Islands

Brenda Gould
BA, 1998, field work in the Similkameen Valley, BC

Mike Harrower
BA, 1998, field work in Yemen

Kira Kristensen
BA, 2000, field work in northern BC

Rudy Reimer
BA, MA, 2000, Squamish Nation, archaeology in defense of First Nations rights.

Greg Oleksiuk
BA, 2000 Barkerville Historic Town

Michele Whitlow
BA, 2000, Arcas Consulting/GIS

Michelle Wollstonecroft,
BA, MA, 2001.

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