We’re very excited to share with you the launch of our brand new Compass! Run in partnership with SFU’s incubator, Coast Capital Savings Venture Connection, Compass empowers student Navigators across various faculties whose mission is to promote the entrepreneurial mindset across the university and show the wide range of paths available through entrepreneurship.  From the creation of new innovative technologies, to change-making in policies and systems, these students trailblaze the way for their peers, and push the perceptions of what entrepreneurship can accomplish.

In exchange for their time, students get to work hand-on to build skills in areas of their interest - all while earning co-curricular credits!

Meet the 2020-2021 Navigators

Lucy Lei - Environmental Science

I'm Lucy Lei, a 5th-year Environmental Science student that’s passionate for entrepreneurship, marketing, and project management. Over five years of experience with transforming ideas into reality enables me to provide insights and creative strategies for building strong organizations, businesses, and public relations. 

Personal development and human relationships are at the core of my learnings and have inspired me to explore fields beyond scientific lab work and fieldwork. Therefore, as I uncovered my new passions, the Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Technology Entrepreneurship programs seems like the perfect fit following my Bachelor of Science. My other hobbies and interests include travelling around countries, practicing dance, or trying new food places. Say hi! I'm always open to meeting new people or catching up. 

Theresa Doan - Sustainable Business

My name is Theresa Doan. I am studying Sustainable Business, a joint program between business and environmental science- two naturally opposing fields. Business courses focus on maximizing profit. In contrast, environment courses teach about prioritizing sustainability over profits. Because of this and my passion for seeking sustainable changes in our society, my studies have made me strive to find innovative solutions to these two contradicting industries. 

I am continually thinking about ways to generate profits for businesses while also considering the company’s environmental impact and overall sustainability. Having an open and entrepreneurial mindset helps me find creative and innovative pathways that bring me closer to realistic solutions to the problems I see. I am very passionate about sustainability and fighting social injustices that I hope to work for or create an organization that aims to help those who don’t have the means to help themselves. If I’m not in class or seeing my friends, you can either find me watching the newest movie/show on Netflix or scrolling through my phone, learning about the latest social media trends.

Emily Lam - Health Sciences & Business

Hi! My name is Emily Lam (she/her), and I’m excited to be a Navigator this year through the Compass Program! Besides being a 3rd year Health Sciences (PQH) and Business student at SFU, I’m a serial multitasker, aggressively caring individual and the type of person who laughs before the joke is told. I’m interested in stigma reduction and trauma-informed practice and how that can help us work towards healthier and more equitable communities. 

I love eating food (there is no such thing as a bad chocolate chip cookie), listening/living to music, going on runs, watching the sun set, and telling random, but very relevant stories to anyone who will listen. Being involved in entrepreneurship and innovation as a student, a teaching assistant, and a co-director of a social enterprise that tackles food waste has shown me that an entrepreneurial mindset is important across every discipline, but most importantly, to build up our communities. Find me on LinkedIn!

Emma Hannaford - Sustainable Energy Engineering

My name is Emma Hannaford, a second year Sustainable Energy Engineering student. My passion for providing remote communities with access to clean energy through independent power projects is something I want to explore further with this degree. In terms of the Compass Program, I’m excited to share my experiences, help student led teams attain the resources they need, and organize events to help inspire my peers.

Marzia Sager - Communications

I am a photographer and designer who loves telling stories and sharing experiences through creative means. I started my company before entering university as a “side hustle”. Naturally, I decided to take a few business classes and became drawn to entrepreneurship and innovation. It widened my perspective and allowed me to think about aspects of business that I never would have thought of before. There are also countless opportunities to apply my learnings right away which challenged the way that I think and has provided an entrepreneurial mindset that has proved to be valuable for many aspects of my life.