November 2023 Welcome to Siddharth Sane, who is starting his MSc program here at SFU!
July 2023 Welcome to Yi-Jia (Jimmy) Liu, who is visiting from NTNU, National Taiwan Normal University!
May 2023 We have many visitors! Welcome back to Raphaël Chétrite, visiting again from the Univ. de Nice Côte d'Azur. Welcome to Dana Kamp, visiting from the Niels Bohr Inst. (Copenhagen). And welcome to Roi Holtzman from the Weizmann Inst. And Priyanka Sharma has arrived, to work on the cart-pendulum project. Let's figure out some nice things together!
October 2022 Welcome to Oren Raz, who is visiting through summer 2023, on sabbatical leave from the Weizman Inst. in Rehovot, Israel!
September 2022 Our PRL on information engines with noisy measurements is featured as Synopsis in Physics by A. Curatolo and is also an Editors' Suggestion!
August 2022 Tushar Saha defended his thesis. And his paper (with Joseph, Jannik, and David) has been accepted at PRL. Double congratulations!!
July 2022 John is now a Distinguished SFU Professor.
June 2022 Quanta Magazine has published a very nice story on the Mpemba effect that features Avinash's work. The story has been reprinted in The Atlantic.
June 2022 Congratulations to Avinash Kumar, whose PhD thesis has been awarded an SFU Graduate Dean's Medal!
May 2022 Welcome to Dhruv Shah, our first international intern in two years! Dhruv is sponsored by MITACS and is working on approaches to robust control.
March 2022 Avinash and Raphaël's work on the "inverse Mpemba effect" (anomalous heating) is published in PNAS. Ashley Piccone (Physics Today) writes a nice article about it.
September 2021 John has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
June 2021 The information-ratchet paper at PNAS has a very nice comment, scheduled for the June 29 issue.
May 2021 • Tushar and Jannik's paper on an information-powered engine (with SFU colleagues Joseph Lucero and David Sivak) is now out available at PNAS.
See popular summary and interview with John.
• Welcome to David, whose summer project will continue work on the Mpemba effect. Congratulations to Prithviraj for his transfer to the PhD program!
April 21, 2021 Avinash defended his PhD thesis on the Mpemba effect — congratulations!
March 30, 2021 Two papers in one day! Today, Raphaël and Avinash published their paper in Frontiers in Physics on Mpemba and extractable work, while Karel published his paper in EPL on bit erasure in a memory made of many sub-units.
March 2021 Our new website is now live!
March 2021 The group presented several talks at the APS March Meeting. There are invited and focus sessions on the Mpemba effect, with talks by John and Avinash. Also, Tushar and Jannik will be speaking about information engines and fast bit erasure.
August 2020 Avinash's paper in Nature is out! Lots of publicity, too! Karel & Jannik's duo on fast, efficient bit erasure has been accepted at PRL / PRE!