Feedback Traps [1,2]

We have been adapting feedback traps to the study of basic questions in the statistical mechanics of small systems (stochastic thermodynamics), including Landauer's Principle and other connections between information theory and thermodynamics. Feedback traps are also useful for exploring the physico-chemical properties of the trapped objects themselves, and we are using the technique to explore diffusion in complex cases.

DNA Replication [1, 2]

In higher organisms, DNA replication occurs at many places simultaneously. Recently, experiments have allowed one to observe individual replicated and non-replicated domains at various times during the replication process. We have constructed a stochastic model of the replication process that allows us to extract information about the initiation of replication domains and their subsequent behaviour. Our current work focusses on several aspects:

  • General modelling issues, including novel methods of inferring replication programs
  • Yeast replication (in collaboration with Nick Rhind)