CMPT  120 Placement Test

CMPT  120 is a required course for all Computing Science  major, minor and certificate students. 

**Our classes fill very quickly so the test should be taken BEFORE open enrollment begins to assist you in course planning**

**If you take the test and/or decide that you want to switch between CMPT 120 and/or  125/127 your request will depend on course availability and we will make changes ONLY until the end of the first week of classes**

Students can choose to take the test to help determine whether they can bypass CMPT 120 and move directly into CMPT 125/127.  If students pass the test they will be given a permanent pre-requisite waiver for CMPT 120 and can then enroll into CMPT 125/127.

If students do NOT pass the test, they are required to take CMPT 120 and will enroll in CMPT 125/127 later in their program.  

  • Do you already have some computing knowledge?
  • Have you taken computer science courses in high school or elsewhere?
  • Have you worked in a business or volunteered as a computer programmer?
  • Have you written programs of 200-300 lines of code or more?

IF YES – you MAY NOT have to take CMPT 120 and could enroll directly into the next required courses – CMPT 125 and 127.

In order to determine whether you have enough computing knowledge to do so, challenge yourself and take our placement test

IF NO – please go ahead and enroll in CMPT 120. Don’t forget to choose your lab before you try to enroll.

Once you submit your placement test, it will be marked and you'll receive an email which, based on the result of your placement test, will instruct you to either register to CMPT 120, or to register to CMPT 125 and 127.

Good luck!