AEP Instructor Participation

Minimal involvement from the instructor

The instructor is asked to arrange with the program coordinator:

  1. If the AEP activity is a course related workshop: to offer a date for the workshop to be run, preferably after a quiz or midterm. Usually the workshop is run during a lab, but the option of running it during the lecture or outside class time  is possible, if the instructor so prefers.
  2. If the AEP activity is the elective assignment: to agree on a deadline for students to submit the assignment.
  3. If the AEP activity is the AEP 101 workshop: to provide the AEP coordinator with a quiz or midterm previously done in the course. This material will be used during the workshop to analyze study/learning aspects of the questions. If the instructor prefers not to provide any quiz or midterm we can use other quizzes we have, but it is more effective that students analyze the learning aspect of a quiz that they have done in the course.
  4. If the AEP activity is the AEP 102 workshop: to agree with the AEP coordinator about a reading from the textbook which will be used within the workshop.
  5. To agree on a date when AEP facilitators can visit a lecture at the start and end of semester to respectively inform students about the program and to debrief and collect anonymous surveys. The survey data collection has been approved by the Research Ethics Office at SFU. These visits take 5 to 10 minutes.
  6. The instructor is asked to include the AEP activity within the marking scheme. We recommend to provide up to 3% of the course marks as follows:
    • Workshops which run during a lab would receive the same percentage that a regular lab would receive.
    • If the students write a report it is recommended that a percentage of 2% or 3% of the course is provided. Our studies show that the level of participation in the AEP elective assignment has a direct positive correlation to the percentage provided.
  7. To provide a link from the course website to this website.

The AEP coordinator will (and the instructor does not have to worry at all about):

  1. Respond to any need for consultation that students may have about the program.
  2. Provide the instructors with attendance lists.
  3. Mark the submitted reports (and provide the points to the instructor as agreed).
  4. Suggest activities for the instructor to incorporate into the course after the workshop is run to connect to the material discussed in the workshop.

Additional participation from the instructor

  1. You are welcome to participate in the workshop as an observer and/or co-facilitator as you prefer. This provides the instructor an additional opportunity to interact with students in a smaller, more informal environment.
  2. You are welcome to include activities in the course referring to material discussed in the workshop. We can suggest ideas.
  3. You are welcome to announce the workshop as you wish, in addition to our announcement in the lecture visit at the beginning of the semester.
  4. Feel free to suggest any variations or ideas!

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