Degree Planning - Your Four-Year Plan

We encourage students to make progress in their coursework in a timely manner, in order to avoid delays in degree completion.

The forms below have been created to assist students in future course planning and requirement tracking. Students are expected to complete at least 4 courses per semester.

Please note the concentrations below are popular approaches towards the degree, but this should not be treated as an exhaustive list. Individual pathways outside of these concentrations that also meet degree requirements can be considered.  

Please refer to our 2020/2021 course offerings to assist with future course planning.

Pre-requisite Chart:

We've developed a chart to help guide you in requisite and course planning.


  • Arrows are of varying colours purely for visual clarity in differentiating between arrows. The colours have no meaning beyond that.
  • RED courses are required.
  • GREEN courses are recommended, and completion of these will enable you to satisfy pre-requisites for any 4xx SFU CMPT course.
  • Please consult with the calendar for 4xx courses that you are able to complete with or without some of these courses:

Download this chart for your reference here.