Tuition and Scholarship

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Undergraduate tuition fees

Your total tuition fees will depend on your program, the number of courses you take, whether you are a domestic or international student, and a range of special or supplementary fees that may or may not all apply to you.

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Typical program costs

Wondering how much being a student will cost on top of your tuition fees? It’s important to be aware of all of the costs you’ll face so that you can create a financial plan. You will need to pay other expenses, including books and supplies, housing or campus residence costs, medical and dental plan costs, and all of your food, entertainment and other day-to-day expenses. SFU has a handy online calculator to help you budget.

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Scholarships, bursaries and other awards

Need financial help? To help fund your studies you may be eligible to apply for a number of SFU scholarships, awards and bursaries. These awards range in value from $100 to $34,000.

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Entrance scholarships

Scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement. Major entrance scholarships for Canadian citizens or permanent residents include:

  • Simon Fraser Scholarship: $34,000
  • Simon Fraser Alumni Leadership Scholarship: $29,000
  • Gordon M. Shrum Scholarship: $24,000

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Automatic entrance scholarship (application not required):

  • Rajan Family Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship: $20,000 (awarded to the top female applicant directly admitted to the School of Computing Science)

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School of Computing Science Scholarships

Open scholarships

If you are not awarded an entrance scholarship, you can apply for a scholarship while you are studying for your degree. The Undergraduate Open Scholarship is awarded to eligible domestic and international students on a term-by-term basis.

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Awards recognize outstanding achievements of specific contributions to the community.

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Bursaries are an additional source of funding for eligible students. You may qualify for a bursary if you can demonstrate a financial need.

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